Why not take steroids from 50 years old?

Why not take steroids from 50 years old?

With the improvement of the quality of life and the progress of medical advances, life expectancy continues to grow year by year.

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And if in the 1940s, we were old at 50, this state is no longer valid today where life expectancy has exceeded 80 years, in European countries.
From now on, at 50, we still feel in good shape and above all, we have become accomplished adults. However, to maintain this state of fitness and health, we eat well and practice sport as often as possible, which is valued by magazines and health professionals.

But to be at the pinnacle, and as charismatic and attractive as George Clooney or Brad Pitt, many of you gentlemen, will obviously want to appeal to Steroids , to guarantee you a muscular Apollo, firm and without any fat.

But here is a small shadow on the board! Despite your fitness and good mood, anabolic steroids are not recommended for men over 50 . Yes, and even with medical advances and longer life expectancy.

We will explain in this article, why it is not recommended to take anabolic after 50 years. But do not worry, we have already prepared an alternative to steroids. So, smile, you’ll soon be wearing nice muscles.

An HPTA axis story :

We understand perfectly well that you are thrilled with the idea of taking steroids at your age to show beautiful round muscles to make pale young children. However, I bet you have never heard of your HPTA Axis . And yes, with his name not really comforting, the HPTA axis is yet one of your most faithful servants! I’m lighting up your lantern:

The HPTA axis corresponds to a complex set of relationships and signals that we find between the hypothalamus, the pituitary gland and the adrenal glands. Thanks to the HPTA axis, the hormones of stress, growth and reproduction will be able to fulfill their role perfectly in men. So you understand it, your HPTA axis is the sponsor of your production testosterone and sperm, among others. A difficult task to complete!

And it is precisely at the level of the HPTA axis that will be the problem, during the course of steroids. Indeed, taking steroids will leave your body feeling extra testosterone. Your HPTA axis, unprepared for this profusion of hormone, will become disoriented. To cope with excess testosterone, it will therefore block the production of natural testosterone.

I also want to remind you, despite the longer life expectancy, that from the age of 50, production of reproductive hormones drops significantly . As a result, not only is your testosterone production already in small amounts, but in addition taking steroids will stop its production. So when you reach the end of your cure (maybe even a little before), the steroids will have completely disappeared from your body, and also your natural testosterone! And at age 50, with less natural production, the mechanism of the HPTA axis will be difficult to revive even with a cure post revival.

So wait with steroids, after 50 years, to suffer the effects of impotence, infertility, with acne or baldness. These more than embarrassing effects can be added to cardiovascular disorders, mood disorders and even cancer! Faced with all these troubles, I’m not sure that you feel at your best. So, think about your HPTA axis!

Peptides and growth hormone, excellent alternatives to steroids:

In order to avoid the suppression of the production of natural testosterone in the body, due to taking steroids , we prefer to guide you to two other categories of sports supplements: Peptides </strong > s and growth hormone.

Peptides for targeted action:

Have you ever heard of peptides ? Yet, peptides are building blocks of every cell in your body. Yes, the peptides correspond to small chains of amino acids, whose number is less than 50 amino acids. Combined with each other, the peptides will then form proteins.

They act in the body as messengers and nervous transmitters . By synthesizing them, science has been able to isolate and reproduce the different functions of peptides. Today, you can begin a cure of peptide either for a dry weight gain or to burn fat, but also to boost your libido, repair damaged tissues and even facilitate the tanning of your skin. strong> In addition, they have an anti-aging action, more than appreciable. Note that peptides do not provide side effects such as suppression of testosterone , caused by steroids. The cure can be considered with peace of mind.

The peptides will surely meet your goals, whatever they are.

Differentiate the main peptides:

  • MOD-GRF 1-29, for a dry and muscular physique:

Le MOD-GRF 1-29 will help you burn the body’s fat while building muscle. It will have an anti-aging action on your skin and thanks to its cure, you will find a baby sleep.

  • AICAR, to take longer :

AICAR corresponds to the endurance peptide . With it, you improve your cardiovascular performance, to go further.


  • CJC-1295 DAC, for a dreamlike silhouette :

Unlike MOD-GRF 1-29 which has a relatively short life (30 minutes after setting), CJC-1295 DAC has a life of 8 days. A cure of CJC-1295 DAC will ensure you a firm, fat-free silhouette, with nice striated muscles.

This peptide represents the fragment of growth hormone that facilitates the combustion and decomposition of body fat. With its cure, your body will refine and strengthen in depth.

  • GHRP-6, for the development of muscle mass:

GHRP-6 will stimulate the hormone of digestion , waking you up, the urge to eat. This stimulation will be your best ally for a consequent mass gain.

  • Ipamorelin, to rediscover the virtues of youth :

Ipamorelin has the ability to stimulate the production of growth hormone . Thus, the increased presence of growth hormone in your body will allow the renewal of your cells. Armed with new cells, your skin will become supple and firm again. Your muscles will tone up. And your nasty wrinkles will disappear.  

  • Melanotan, to sublimate your skin with a tanned complexion :

The Melanotan has this fabulous ability to stimulate the tanning mechanism , even without the slightest ray of sunshine. With a Melanotan cure, you bring your body a sunny color all year long .

  • TB500, to no longer suffer injuries :

The TB500 is known for its exceptional ability to heal damaged tissue. With him, you will no longer be weakened by injuries and will regain form and flexibility in record time.

There are other peptides to meet your goals. Peptide blends have also been created to strengthen or combine their action to bring you maximum results and well-being.

Growth hormone, for a complete regeneration of the body:  

A growth hormone cure is also an excellent choice to maintain its peak after 50 years. Unlike peptides that will bring you a targeted action, a growth hormone cure will have a much more general and complete action on the body.

Growth hormone is present in the body, naturally. She plays the main role in the development of our body until adulthood. Then, it withdraws little by little, decreasing its production. By performing a growth hormone treatment, it is giving back to your body a second youth, since it will allow:

  • To renew damaged and aging cells , thus providing the body with new cells, at the peak of their performance,
  • To make disappear fat , weighing down the body
  • develop muscle mass
  • improve morale , boosting energy
  • To strengthen the immune system

If you are eager to taste the wonders of growth hormone, then three treatments are available to you:


Growth hormone treatments take place over a period of three months to six months.

You are now enlightened. You are 50 years old, you want to live to the fullest, so think about your HPTA axis and to keep your manhood, while maximizing your physique, forget the steroids and begin today a cure of peptides or hormone growth.



  1. Je ne savais pas que les peptides pouvaient apporter autant. Mais mois je veux des résultats qui viennent vite, donc je reste ave mes stéroïdes. Qui sais quand j'aurai la cinquantaine, là on en reparle.

  2. Mon idéal quand je serai vieux c'est d'avoir le corps de robbie robinson qui est sur la photo.
    Ce mec se conserve très bien !

  3. Ce qui m'a fait tourner vers les peptides c'est la peur des problèmes de pressions artérielles, des problèmes de prostates. On a ces problèmes dans la famille. De coup je préfère investir dans les HGH et les peptides, je suis totalement satisfait.

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