When Athletes Doped for a TV Report

When Athletes Doped for a TV Report

8 top “clean” athletes never having touched the products played along with an experience. Our “guinea pig” athletes were given injections of growth hormone and epo twice per week…


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Sports friends from France and other French speaking countries, you have certainly not missed this story on France 2 for the show “Stage 2” and strongly relayed by media such as La DH or La Libre (Belgium), 20minutes (Switzerland) or even by the leading daily such as L’Equipe in France.

If you missed it, don’t panic, as we sum up the experience here:


« We change the world, it is not human »


This sentence of Guillaume Antonietti, triathlon champion, perfectly sums up this report and the advantages of doping.  The benefits are subjective but the results are conclusive. The figures on the increase in the fine performance of this study speak for themselves:

  • Effort Test: + 6.1% on average
  • Against the clock + 5%
  • 31 seconds chrono improvement on 3,000 meters


« It is as if the 22nd world cup of this day passed first » concluded the voice of this story.


The report

A total of 18 months were needed just to organize the experience next to WADA and various authorities and sports federations.

The protocol was simple and tried to show that the micro-dosages (4 to 10 times lower than the usual protocols) already brought incredible results especially for the fact of being UNDETECTABLE.


This protocol lasted only 29 days, only one third of a complete protocol.

Our “guinea pig” athletes were given injections of growth hormone and epo 2 times per week.

At the end of the protocol, they took corticosteroid and an autotransfusion the last day.


A test took place before the experiment as well as on the last day, in order to have reliable and accurate measurements.


« After 10 days I had gained 10 minutes on my usual route of 24km (Guillaume Antonietti)»

And we can say that the result is undeniable.  With a short protocol and weak dosages that are undetectable, ALL our athletes have widely improved their performance!

After only 10 days, Guillaume Antonietti had already considerably improved his performance on 24km.

In an interview with the 20min.fr website, he said he was greatly surprised by the incredible effects of these products.


“Those who made the race included: I chained up 4 times 4,000 m in 16 ‘, then I managed to do 3 times 3,000 in 12’20. I’ll never reach that level of performance, even after my preparation. It is not possible. I feel like I have better legs and breath easier”


Most impressive is that during the duration of the experiment, the participants never tested positive for a doping test.

There is no doubt then, on the effectiveness of this type of product, it also proves that the detection is not as reliable as one would think.


Do not hesitate to contact one of our specialists who will set up your program and will bring out your athletic best.

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