Update MyoGen: here are the prices announced by the brand

Update MyoGen: here are the prices announced by the brand

This article is a press release sponsored by Myogenlabs.com (15/03/2019)

Top quality doesn’t have to mean the highest prices

Recently, we introduced our range of next generation anabolic performance enhancing products and protections. These high quality products have been carefully engineered to set a new performance benchmark within the industry.

After methodically studying the market, we selected an appropriate yet competitive price point for our high quality products, in order to ensure maximum reach among consumers, providing satisfaction for both resellers and customers.

As part of our commitment to the fitness industry, we recognize the importance of ensuring our products are appropriately priced. Great products don’t always have to mean high prices, therefore, we regularly assess our manufacturing methods to ensure we work in the most efficient way possible.

Take a look at our price list below. All products are listed by category including the product name and composition. More products will be added soon!

Price list Myogen

Team Myogenlabs.com


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  1. Nice! I hope that the retailer will not take a lot of margin and that the end consumer will enjoy this great price.

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