Understanding HGH Human Growth Hormone

Understanding HGH Human Growth Hormone

Bodybuilders notice an incredible increase in muscle mass during a treatment of HGH, with the advantage of the retention of benefits over the long term.

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What is HGH?


The growth hormone  is a polypeptide hormone secreted by the somatotrophs of the anterior pituitary gland. It stimulates growth and cell reproduction in humans. It is composed of 191 amino acids.

Human growth hormone (HGH) has “anabolic” effects. It stimulates growth and cell reproduction and acts primarily by binding to a specific receptor.

So this is what makes children grow until adulthood. It is at the stage of puberty,  the transition state when the children become adults, that the rate of growth hormones secreted naturally peaks.

But HGH is not only on the growth phenomena, it also plays a role in regulating reproduction both in men and women.

HGH also acts on the liver and stimulates the production of IGF (Insulin-like growth factor).  Growth hormone has a lipolytic action (fat burning).

It is therefore not surprising that with all these properties, HGH is considered a must among doping products.

Whether for an “anti-aging” treatment, an increase in performance and fast development of muscle mass, HGH is THE miracle product that will meet all your expectations.


What are the benefits of human growth hormone?

It is mainly the dosage used that defines the effects seen with a growth hormone treatment.

You can consult our experts to make your perfect treatment.

                            Among these benefits are:

  • Metabolism acceleration: the body burns carbohydrates and fat at a speed that you have never seen. This is particularly remarkable during the initial cycle, when the body is surprised by the increase in growth hormones and does not know how to adapt at first.
  • Significant increase in muscle mass: the bodybuilders notice an incredible increase in muscle mass during a treatment of HGH, with the advantage of the retention of benefits over the long term.

benefits of Somatropin

  • Improved sleep: You will sleep like a baby. A real makeover.
  • Better quality and texture of your skin: this is particularly noticeable when you touch the back of your hand. Compare with other people or pay attention before the beginning of your HGH cycle. A real baby’s skin!


And that’s not all :

Strengthening the immune system, improved cardiac output, stronger bones, libido increment, energy level revised upwards, increasing endurance and performance, accelerated recovery after physical activity, improvement of your cholesterol profile etc. etc … The list is really long.


The secondary effects of HGH

As long as you respect the doses and consume quality HGH, the side effects are more bearable.

A treatment of HGH often gives the urge to take a mid-day nap, but when we know how the effects of sleep help us grow, we cannot complain.

You can also be confronted with what is called the “carpal tunnel syndrome”.  That is to say, tingling fingers (the sensation of the hand asleep after sleeping on it.  This is caused by the increase of muscle mass in the wrist that puts pressure on the carpal tunnel, through which the nerves pass to your fingers and your palm. It is a temporary side effect that will disappear completely).

High dosages can lead to morning cramps or mild water retention.

Under HGH, a rapid decline of the sugar levels in the blood may occur. Especially after exercising, so keep a candy bar on hand. This is manifested as “hunger crisis” and can last up to 2 weeks after the end of the treatment.

The overdose for long periods can cause a phenomenon called “acromegaly” (enlargement of the fingers, bones, organs).

This will not happen with a normal dosage. This phenomenon occurs only in case of non-compliance with dosage regimens.


How do I know if my HGH has a good quality?

First, we must forget that Chinese HGH is not good. The product quality is the same as the one of Western laboratories.

Why ?

Simply because it is HGH or it is not. Human growth hormone is a big brittle molecule that comprises 191 amino acids linked in a specific order and good form. For this reason, there is no room for differences!

HGH produced in the US or in Europe generally has a much more expensive price than the HGH produced in China or Hong Kong. This price difference is disproportionate and it’s because of the monopoly of big pharmaceutical multinationals in Western markets. The manufacturing process is exactly the same.

The reason why Chinese products are often seen as inferior is the proliferation of the availability of any inexpensive copy (clothes, electronics, etc.) that have the same appearance as the original but made with inferior materials and less durable. This is not possible with the production of Somatropin. The equipment necessary for its creation alone cost several million dollars, while laboratory “tubs” of steroids are not possible to make.



How to distinguish real HGH from the fake one?

It is first necessary that you avoid ALL HGH containing 192 amino acid (the Somatrem) which is actually a copied growth hormone, with potential adverse effects.

Some scammers also sell HCG (gonadotropin) claiming that this is HGH.  Verifying this is very simple. Once the product is diluted, pour it over a pregnancy test. It reacts to HCG.

If you have a case of a contaminated product, red welts, sometimes pain may appear in the injection area. This is often caused by the Somatrem (192 amino acids)

Take special care to the biggest scams on HGH:

This product does not exist in the form of sprays, tablets or other patches!

Growth hormone is a big, fragile and unstable molecule.

At room temperature, it is degraded within minutes. It is also very sensitive to agitation. Rapid movements distort the shape of the molecule, which will no longer produce HGH if it is distorted, as it can no longer cling to the receivers. While the liquid form of true HGH should be refrigerated at all times and handled with care, sprays, patches or stamps themselves are kept at room temperature, stirred, etc.

The molecule of growth hormone is too large to pass through the skin or the mucous membrane of the nose. This is another reason why patches may not work.

The stomach contains acid, which would destroy the HGH as soon as it is in contact with it. Here is a reason why the pills may not work.

HGH can not be produced by plants thus, the so-called natural / herbal HGH compounds are simply marketing lies.


What are the best HGH products on the market and the top laboratories producing them?

Here you have a list of quality HGH comprising 191 Amino Acid and whose purity product rate is at maximum. (No contamination or vulgar copies).


  1. BIOTROPIN. 191 high purity amino acids manufactured by Lifetech Labs (Hong Kong).
  2. Magnustropin, 191 high purity amino acids manufactured by Magnus (Europe)
  3. Norditropin 191 high purity amino acids manufactured by Novo Nordisk (USA)
  4. Genotropin 191 high purity amino acids manufactured by Pfizer (USA)




There are also very good inexpensive products called “entry level” and that will also give you a good result:

  • Hygetropin,191 high purity amino acids manufactured by Hygene Biopharm (China)
  • Ansomone 191 high purity amino acids manufactured by Anhui Anke (China)
  • Jintropin, 191 high purity amino acids manufactured by GeneScience (China)


How to dose your HGH treatment

Depending on the manufacturer, your vial (bottle) of hCG can be measured differently. We use the “IU”  or “UI” which simply means “injectable units.”

The dosage per bottle can be 4IU (1.3MG), 10IU (3mg), 12IU (4mg), 40IU (13mg).

For an anti-aging treatment, the dosage can be between 2 and 4IU per day.

For slimming, the dosage can be between 2 and 4IU per day.

For bodybuilding, the dosage can be between 4 and 6IU per day.

For extreme muscle development, the dosage will be between 10 and 16IU over a short period (1 month).

Over 16IU is consider an overdose.

These dosages are well advised on being a quality HGH such as BIOTROPIN or another pharmaceutical quality HGH.

The greater the dosage, the more doubtful your product will be.


The treatment time for HGH is 3 months minimum. Ideally 6 months.

Some people think that growth hormone should be used 5 times a week with a break of two days in between. This is false and it started when HGH was very expensive and the bodybuilders were continuing their cycles by skipping days and spreading the cycle as long as they could.

The human body never makes a break in the production of growth hormones.

The body of each person reacts differently to a treatment of HGH.  If conditions are optimal, an individual can earn between 20% and 30% lean mass with a 5-month cycle.  The first results are noticeable after about 2 months of use.


How to prepare injections?

First we recommend the lyophilized HGH (powder).

For reconstitution, there are various diluents.  Sterile bacteriostatic water (0.9% sodium chloride), saline water (0.9% NaCl) or single sterile water for injection. Any of them will work but if possible, use sterile water.

The type of insulin syringes are the most recommended both for mixing and for injection.

Remove the plastic cap from the vial and clean the rubber band with a medical alcohol cotton. Take an insulin type syringe and take 1 ml of water that you will introduce inside the vial of HGH. Push the needle through the resilient stopper of the bottle, but move it aside so that the water flows along the side of the vial. Do not inject directly into the water with the powder, leave it flow rather slowly.

Do not shake the bottle.

The injection is done subcutaneously in the fat of the belly skin. A different area must be used for each injection (to avoid potential cause of holes in the body fat – as HGH is known to promote loss of fat locally).

injection of HGH



You now have all the cards in hand to control, cope and succeed especially in your next growth hormone treatment and in whatever your goal is.

As usual, all the super-steroid.com team is available to advise and guide you via live chat or email.

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