The Tribulus Terrestris

The Tribulus Terrestris

Today we examine the major medicinal properties of Tribulus terrestris in traditional and sports medicine.


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Tribulus as natural testosterone

Tribulus is a plant known to provide energy and enhance libido. It was used for a long time in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine as a supplement to increase physical strength and endurance.  It turns out also to be a powerful aphrodisiac by regulating the production of testosterone. This is why it is very popular in the world of body-building in terms of muscle mass increment and endurance. One of the positive properties of Tribulus, is that it leaves no waste or toxins in the body after ingestion. So that’s why we call it the “natural testosterone”.

Tribulus as natural anabolic

Tribulus has long been used by athletes from the East to improve their sports performance. Being rich in flavonoids, saponins and steroids, it was recommended due to its multiple properties for endurance sports and weight training. It is particularly preferred in terms of improving protein synthesis and endurance, but especially, in terms of recovery after exercise, with regard to the athletes. Through its action on testosterone, it helps improve muscle strength while increasing the volume capacity thereof.

Tribulus and libido

With a good combination with other products such as maca, ginseng and rhodiola, tribulus turns out to be a great aphrodisiac for the libido of the man and woman. It regulates the production of testosterone and reduces erectile dysfunction. It has a feature to increase fertility in men by increasing sperm production. For women, it increases concentration of hormones  thus promoting ovulation and libido.  The plant cleans the body in depth, this allows optimization of libido by deleting some adverse effects of some toxins in the reproductive organs. This results in sexual vitality, something rare to experience with other aphrodisiacs.

Tribulus and Bodybuilding

One of Tribulus’ properties is increasing muscle mass very quickly and effectively. It has all the properties of the best anabolic steroids while being a natural product with no known side effects. By taking a few remedies to reduce estrogen in the blood, you can then hope for the best possible effect for muscle gain with a treatment of two to three weeks of Tribulus. It is very important for those who want to quickly gain enough muscles to not rule out making a Tribulus treatment to gain endurance and physical strength, to put all the chances on their side to get their way.

A study on Tribulus

Only after having done an extensive study on the Bulgarian athletes in the 80s, there were several hypotheses issued about the actual qualities of tribulus. They have never been positively checked after each doping control. In fact, Eastern European studies stipulate that tribulus favorably stimulates the natural production of testosterone. However, studies from Western countries show the opposite. Scientifically speaking, it is not really possible to decide favorably or unfavorably to this product. However, many people practicing bodybuilding and other sports swear by it. It is therefore also necessary to rely on the direct experiences of athletes that consume it. It is still impossible to speak, in terms of the negative sides of Tribulus, or inaction, critics, or simple war between laboratories.


Tribulus and steroids

It is important to state that tribulus is not in any case part of steroids . And it is certainly correct that this is its first feature. It is often named as such because it contains saponins. Some may be steroids, some not. This is the case of Tribulus. Its uniqueness is still acting as an effective pro hormone first, against sterility and therefore promoting fertility by increasing testosterone production. In the second case, its multiple positive medicinal properties, such as, increased physical strength and recovery after it makes one of the best supplements for energy gain.

Update January 2018: You can now buy food supplements (including Tribulus) in our supplements section.


  1. Bonjour,
    Dans ma jeunesse , j’ai pris du Tribulus sous plusieurs formes pendant des années, en suivant ou non les prescriptions. L’effet sur la libido a été indéniable, est c'est l'unique raison pourquoi j’en prenais. J'ai converti plusieurs amis au tribulus comme aphrodisiaque. Par contre, nous n’avons jamais eu à nous plaindre de quelque effet secondaire que ce soit. . Bien que certaines études classent le tribulus comme un simple placebo, il faut tout de même rester très prudent et ne pas dépasser les 1000 mg par jour pendant 2 semaines suivit d'une semaine off.

  2. Le tribulus n'a aucune incidence sur la testostérone, en revanche il augmente la libido.
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