The Role of Hormones in Romantic Relationships

The Role of Hormones in Romantic Relationships

Chemicals, including hormones, play a vital role in romantic relationships. Knowing that hormones are essential for the progress in bodybuilding, could a loving relationship be beneficial for muscle development thanks to the cocktail of hormones it gives?


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romanceLove at first sight, the passion of love: we often speak of a mysterious chemistry that pushes us towards each other.  Chemicals, including hormones, play a vital role in romantic relationships.

So, why does the passion last 3 years on average? And why do we say that love is blind?

Hormones certainly have an impact on this, as we shall see.

Also, if we know that hormones are essential for progress in bodybuilding, could a loving relationship be beneficial for muscle development thanks to the cocktail of hormones it gives?

The encounter

“Love at first sight, the beginning”

love sportLove at first sight, or how with one look we have feel unexpected feelings for a perfect stranger. This is a real chemical reaction in addition to being sensorial.

The bodies release pheromones, volatile substances that are true alerts to partner signals. Evacuating from our body by the armpits for example, pheromones penetrate through the nose of our interlocutor to win his brain. If he is sensitive to this chemical message, the love at first sight operates.

This is when the brain is invaded by an explosive cocktail of hormones and neurotransmitters, including norepinephrine that pushes us to focus on the being that causes the love at first sight.  The noradrenergic system arouses their vigilance and therefore retains all the characteristics of the environment and details of the meeting. This extreme concentration causes a still picture.

The “love at first sight” phenomenon actives about 250 substances, including 2 hormones that complement and contradict one another.  Serotonin, a hormone responsible for regulating our emotions and the pleasure hormone, Dopamine. This has an impact on our judgment.  The sharp increase in dopamine gives a feeling of well-being and pleasure we do not want to lose and lead to the collapse of serotonin.

Serotonin is the critical thinking. We do not see the faults of our beloved, we find them perfect. This decrease in serotonin that will endure for several days or even months explains why we say that love is blind. In fact, our brain is unable to perceive the faults of the other. It is thus possible to put everything into our new relationship out of love, then 3 weeks when we are sober, it can change your mind completely! It may be noted that this is the phenylethylamine which is the origin of dopamine release. This neurotransmitter plays the role of love amphetamine, making you addicted and causing a feeling of incompleteness when the loving person is absent.


« Passion … for a time only »

sport and love

For love at first sight to turn into true love, we have a role to play.

Studies show that passion lasts three years on average, yet couples that last and love do exist. This can be explained. If there are hormones of passion, there are others, and those of attachment to a person will take over.

Passion of the early days dissipates, passion wears off gradually. Indeed, after the overproduction of endorphins, the hormone’s balance of pleasure making us “blind”, returns. Secretion of these hormones is done in time and there is progressively a receptor saturation. Dopamine and serotonin drop then, and the responsibility for regulating our emotions appears again, which explains why the passion decreases.

And for this, love stops? No. Only passion stops, all that concentrated energy on a single being, decreases and turns off. The feeling of love will not disappear but will build something calmer, more tranquil.

Again, this is a hormone oxytocin, which will participate in the transformation of passion into deep love, because oxytocin is the hormone of attachment. This hormone is released by example in large quantities during childbirth. It is this that creates the bond between the mother and the baby.

This hormone attachment guarantees that complicity and fulfillment would be one of the secrets of the couples that last.

These hormones have certainly virtues on our body, but they are dependent on external stimuli that will release them. It is important to know it because you must maintain them that way. So to stimulate the production of hormones of attachment, take care of your relationship.

Thus, couples who do not speak, that do not stimulate one another can not stay together long, while couples who are always in search of small opportunities to see each other and share moments together, maintain their hormonal capital significantly.

fitness couple

The sexual act

« Sex hormones »

sexy on the beachMaking love with the person you love is a source of fun and it’s good for morale. However, the sexual act has other consequences on our body, including delaying the aging of the skin and this is one of those unexpected and beneficial effects.

Indeed, in addition to being equivalent to a brisk walk regarding its intensity, it’s a great stress reliever. You have noticed, after making love, you feel much more relaxed, but how to explain it?

We will release, when we experience pleasure, hormones that will come to repair the damage done by stress, and at the same time it will collapses stress hormones.

Cortisol and adrenaline are two hormones that we secrete when we are stressed. They accelerate the heart rate and increase blood pressure. At a too high dose, they can be harmful to our body. The secret to fight the negative effects of stress is the production of another hormone: oxytocin.  Oxytocin, which is often said to be the hormone of love, is a hormone which is secreted when we take someone into our arms.  It is secreted in larger quantities during the sexual act and the more oxytocin in the blood, the higher that cortisol levels will drop. Now this is good news for bodybuilding practitioners because cortisol is the sworn enemy of muscle anabolism and muscle development because it has the effect of destroying muscle tissue by catabolism.

The sexual act is effective against small problems of everyday life, therefor finishing the headache excuses. “Hugs” even have a painkiller effect. In scientific language, we say analgesics. The endorphins that are secreted during sex, are potent analgesics, that will cause a magical disappearance of sudden headaches, for example.

We note that these natural analgesics have the huge advantage of being free from any side effect. They are felt after intense workouts with a sense of well-being they provide.
sexy couple underwear couch

Finally, sexuality has the amazing effect of making us more beautiful. In one study, regular sexual activity would increase the secretion of sex hormones like testosterone in men and estrogen in women.  These hormones have an effect on a lot of targets, including the skin where it promotes skin vascularization, but also the manufacture of certain fibers, elastin and collagen. Collagen and elastin are two proteins that make the skin softer and younger. Clearly, the more we “cuddle” the more our skin will be firm and our complexion brighter, thanks to better blood circulation.

Another advantage is that hugs retain DHEA, the dehydroepiandrosterone. This famous hormone of youth preserves the youth of our body.  DHEA promotes libido, which is the vital energy. These are hormones that fight against fatigue and will develop more muscle tissue at the expense of fatty tissue. This is another ally of muscle development. Also with age the level of DHEA decreases, however regular sexual activity helps to maintain the hormone longer. You should know that this hormone is currently considered a doping substance by the World Antidoping Agency.

Finally, peptide hormones such as oxytocin, of the class of peptides are distinguished from steroid hormones.


« A natural stimulant »


It’s amazing how we can be subjected to the effects of these hormones that actually have an ultimate goal in relationships, ensuring that we reproduce.  Also we can therefore be reassured to know that love can last beyond 3 years after this pleasant but fleeting passion. However, we must keep the flame and hormonal stimuli. Finally, now you know the secrets about the doping power of love and sexuality and how it relates to bodybuilding, and may be already benefiting from that.

For you who are still free, be yourselves, for no study has been able to prove the fact that bodybuilders were endowed with a special attraction towards the opposite sex.  It could be however, that your pheromones and hormones will help you in your search for love!

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