Bodybuilding Dorian Yates: from the method to the legend

Bodybuilding Dorian Yates: from the method to the legend

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dubbed  din the world of Bodybuilding, for its surprising and unexpected appearances during tournaments, Dorian Yates became, during his years of training, a mythical figure of British bodybuilding.

Dorian Yates reached the consecration, winning the Olympia title six years in a row between 1992 and 1997 . His success, he owes it especially to a specific training: the H.I.T that is to say the High Intensity Training. Many bodybuilders envy him the magnitude of his back and calves.

 A simplified training of a high intensity :

Dorian Andrew Mientjez Yates was born on 19 April 1962 in the West Midlands of England at Sutton Coldfield.

In order to build a musculature as titanic as his, Dorian Yates opted for relatively short and intense training sessions where he performed a single series of exercises . His practice was in complete opposition to the usual training sessions that involved several sets of exercises and which proved to be quite long.

His video was published in 1996, « Blood and Guts » reveals all the intensity of his training where we discover Dorian lifting huge loads, going so far as to call on his team-mate for forced rehearsals. The muscle stimulation was then at its peak. Dorian, in a very short space of time, was exhausting the muscle. He needed more recovery time.

Result: an extraordinarily developed back, a spectacular and high-quality “mass” take-up With such training, Dorian Yates managed to reach 145 kilos outside tournaments and 132 kilos during competitions with biceps 55 cm in diameter.

However, Dorian Yates emphasizes today that this type of training remains strongly discouraged for beginners. That on his side, he arrived at such intensity in a single exercise, gradually. So, he recommends future fitness enthusiasts to gradually go into their training to avoid possible injuries.

From his training was born the Rowing Yates :

Dorian Yates has distinguished himself by his training and his physique more than imposing. From his journey and his image came Rowing Yates. This exercise has since been taken up by many fitness enthusiasts.

The exercise consists of working the back muscles to ensure maximum muscle development by involving the middle and lower trapezius mainly.

The exercise is practiced, standing, legs slightly bent. The bust leans forward, about 45 degrees. The hands are in overhand grip. In this position, it is a question of pulling the bar towards you, in order to bring it down towards the bottom of the belly, while keeping the arms relatively tight since it is the movement of the shoulders from front to back which will have to execute the gesture .

This movement of Rowing Yates has become quite popular in gyms and has been popularized on forums as well as through many videos on YouTube.

The history of Dorian Yates :

in 1985, he arrives 7e at the World Games, in the heavyweight category  

in 1986 he competed at the British Championships, where he finished at the 1re in the heavyweight category

in 1988, he represents himself at the British Championships where he keeps the 1re place in the heavyweight category and wins the 1re general place

in 1990, he came second at the Night of the Champions

in 1991, he represents himself at the Night of the Champions and wins the 1re place

in 1991 he ranks 2d at the illustrious competition of Mr Olympia

In 1991, he also participates in the British Grand Prix, where he finishes 1st

in 1992, he retires Mr Olympia and wins the title

in 1992 he also won the British Grand Prix

in 1993 to 1997, he will maintain his title of Mr Olympia

meanwhile, he participates in many Grands Prix where he wins every time the 1re place:

  • Grand Prix of Spain 1994
  • German Grand Prix of 1994
  • 1994 British Grand Prix
  • 1996 Spanish Grand Prix
  • 1996 German Grand Prix
  • 1996 British Grand Prix

He will finish his tournament career in 1997, following many injuries.  

His involvement in bodybuilding, post-rear :

If Dorian Yates ended his competitive career in 1997, he did not leave the world of bodybuilding.

Since retiring from tournaments, Dorian Yates has remained very active in the world of bodybuilding.

He then invested in several areas related to bodybuilding:

  • Video development: Dorian Yates makes the video in 1996 « Blood and Cuts » revealing his workouts. The video will be taken again in 2012, to deepen its approach H.I.T
  • Authors or co-authors of books retracing his career as a bodybuilder : « Blood and Cuts », biographical work, published in 1993 and « A Warrior’s story » on his bodybuilder life, published in 1998
  • Opening of the Gym Temples of which the first in 1997 on Temple Street in Birmingham, then four others in 2006 including 3 in the United Kingdom
  • Creation of different companies sports supplements :
    • In 1998, he founded CNP Professional with Kerry Kayes in the United States, a company specializing in the sale of sportswear and books on bodybuilding.
    • In 2006, he created the Dorian Yates Ultimate Formulas, specializing in the sale of proteins for mass gain.
    • In 2010, he develops EU Peptides, a sales company of peptides and prohormones.
    • In 2011, he created his very last company, DY Nutrition, specialized in the establishment of pre-training formulas.
  • He also conducts numerous seminars around the world, exposing his nutrition advice and training recommendations.

Dorian Yates represents one of the figures who has marked the world of bodybuilding through his training and his spectacular back . Today, we thank him for getting involved and working for such a fascinating discipline as bodybuilding. Dorian Yates is a role model for some bodybuilders. His advice given during his seminars is an extremely valuable help.



  1. Evidemment, ce n'est pas seulement aux Etats-Unis que l'on retrouve toujours les meilleurs. Dorian Yates fait maintenant partie des légendes du culturisme européen... J'ai pu également savoir qu'il est une personnel très sollicitée dans le culturisme de haut niveau...

  2. C'était le bon vieux temps ! Ca me rappelle les Shawn Ray, les Mike Francois, les Nasser El Sonbaty. ...
    La lecture de cet artcile me donne un sérieux coup de vieux...

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