The best and most popular SARMs on the market in 2019

SARM is an acronym that stands for selective androgen receptor modulator. It is a type of drug that chemically looks similar to anabolic steroids, but with noticeable differences in terms of side effects. The market proposes different labs and brands offering SARMs: some variants are stronger than others, but they come with higher risks in terms of side effects, hence the choice will lay pretty much on personal criteria.

SARMs are drugs but not steroidal drugs, and their effects are almost completely reserved to the function of stimulating the androgen receptors allocated in bone cells and muscular cells, leaving very little space for other significant effects.

So, while regularly implementing any type of anabolic steroids will result in an action similar to somewhat ‘bombing’ your organism, on the other hand SARMs have the advantage of retaining the effects and positive side effects of anabolic steroids and dropping the dangerous mental and physical adverse reactions to steroids.

SARMs indeed can be well considered as the ultimate state-of-the-art in the field of anabolism and the relevant doping products. They are effective just as anabolic steroids but don’t hit for example your prostate, nor damage your hair roots, sebaceous glands and sexual organs. They work by activating the “good” receptors, letting alone the bad receptors. SARMs advantages include the fact that they are administered orally, so those users who hate event the sight of a small needle will not think over and over if they should or should not implement this class of products…

That was the general overview of SARMs. Now, for specific bulking purposes, SARMs will be most effective in reaching this goal as they do not boost the estradiol levels while having a significant anabolic activity – so much s that they are great for increasing bone mass also.

But if instead you want to drop some body of your weight in a fast manner, or to get well-defined and big muscles, though with some fat added, or even to reach a condition where you can see in the mirror some really lean and striated muscles, though you would first think of steroids, SARMs will do the job as well.

Only, the job with SARMs will be ‘cleaner’, meaning that you will not get some of the kickbacks that steroids bring along, as we said before – not to mention that if you happen to experience any underlying cardiovascular abnormalities that could lead to cardiovascular problems from steroid use, then here’s an additional reason for staying safe and implementing SARMs instead. SARMs, additionally, can also repair an injury much faster, or increase physical endurance, speed up recovery levels from intense training, and also give you a great burst of power and strength.

A recent survey conducted on males aged between 15 and 55 years old showed that the main benefits experimented when implementing a SARM were as follows:

  • Improved strength for 92% of the users
  • Fat loss for 83% of the users
  • Improved feeling of wellbeing for 83% of the users
  • Improved libido and sexual satisfaction for 48% of the users

With SARMs, you also will not have to face a long list of negative side effects, typical of the implementation of anabolic steroids.

The Best SARMs available on the market

We have thoroughly checked the products available in this particular market segment and we literally bumped into a line of SARMs by MAGNUS PHARMACEUTICALS: their batch tested and highly favored items by both professional sportsmen and fitness consultants are astonishing, but only if you do not happen to find out (as we also did) that this company specializes in SARMs, having been producing them for 5 years already.

You get truly the best quality at really best prices – if quality does matter to you …

Our selection from their extensive range includes the following variants:


Ostarine, also known as MK-2866 is a SARM (selective androgen receptor module) created for the treatment of muscle wasting and as a cure for avoiding atrophy, cachexia, and sarcopenia. This type of SARM is absolutely great: not only can it retain lean body mass, it can actually increase it.


Andarine helps to aid in fat loss, while maintaining, and even increasing your muscle mass during a cut.


Definitely known for being one of the most powerful SARMs, it is a potent orally administered growth hormone secretagogue for curing and / or preventing such phenomena as muscle wasting, obesity and osteoporosis, while enhancing also body muscular mass and preventing the accumulation of fat deposits.


This is truly an exceptional item, giving the same muscle growth results as anabolic steroids but without the negative side effects that come with them.


This SARM is known for being very versatile and for delivering testosterone by simultaneously reducing the androgenic side effects of the latter.


Many bodybuilders have quickly experienced its benefits – it boosts stamina, has a unique ability to burn fat, and improves recovery times between training sessions.

Whichever of the above you will choose, rest assured that it is going to deliver the optimal results and maximum effectiveness without exceptions, according to the specific athletic / aesthetic goal you have in mind.

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