Samarin has selected for you a range of Samarin from the largest and most reputable Asian laboratories such as Berlin Pharma to offer you one of the safest protection for your anabolic steroid treatments. presents a range of Samarin to gain muscles defying competition.

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  • Samarin is the most efficient hepato-protector to prevent a rebound in transaminases during a treatment of oral steroids. Laboratory : Berlin, Form : Oral, Molecule : Silymarine (Chardon-Marie), Concentration : 140mg/tabs, Presentation : 100 Tabs, Recommended Dosage : 140-420mg/day

  • TUDCA is a water soluble bile acid. It shows great potency in treating cholestasis (bile acid backup in the liver) as the water soluble bile acids counteract the toxicity of regular bile acids. This is also able to protect and rehabilitate the liver, and general protection cells; very promising molecule. Manufacturer: Arcas Nutrition, Singapore.Substance: Tauroursodeoxycholic…