Nutritional Supplements

In this section we offer food supplements such as Tribulus Terrestris which is a testosterone booster; L-Carnitine + L-Arginine or Yohimbine + Caffeine very useful for burning body fat. Magnus Supplements products are FDA approved.

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  • Studies done in several universities in the West have shown that TRIBULUS TERRESTRIS can be beneficial for those who have problems with hormone imbalance. Within just a few days of regular consumption their hormone levels were able to go back to normal. This could be the effect that reduces the symptoms of menopause. Product name:…

  • In essence, there are two types of testosterone boosters, namely natural and synthetic supplements. Anabolic steroids which are under the synthetic category are known to deliver positive results as well as nasty side effects. It is due to this reason that an increasing number of bodybuilders and athletes are now utilizing safer testosterone boosters. Product…

  • These capsules are ideal for anyone looking for an easy way Carnitine intake during the day. Product name: L-Carnitine + L-Arginine Magnus Supplements Substance: L-Carnitine 350mg + L-Arginine 50mg per 1 caps. Manufacturer: Magnus Supplements

  • Yohimbine + Caffeine by Magnus Supplements is a supplement designed to help you accelerate your fat loss by helping your body to use your fat stores for energy while helping to boost your metabolism and suppress your appetite. Product name: Yohimbine + Caffeine Magnus Substance: Yohimbine + Caffeine Manufacturer: Magnus Supplements