Sustanon - Testosterone Mix

Buy Testosterone has selected for you a range of Testosterone Mix of “Sustanon” or “Mix of Testosterone 400mg/ml” from the largest and most reputable laboratories in Asia such as Meditech, LA-Pharma, Atlas-Pharma, Flexlab, Thaiger-Pharma, Novector-Labs, Maxpro, Alpha-Pharma, Unigen Life Sciences … to give you the best results during a mass gain or a lean mass gain. Sustanon is one of
the most popular and most consumed injectable anabolics in the world of bodybuilding. presents a range of Sunstanon and Testosterone Mix to gain muscles defying all competition.

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  • Sustanon Testosterone Mix is the most popular steroid from the injectable steroids range with Sustanon as the trade name. In general, Sustanon is a mixture of four different testosterone components. It includes propionate, phenylpropionate, isocaproate and decanoate. While they are contained in different proportions, they are able to provide multiple benefits to the user. Laboratory : Atlas-Pharma, Form…