How to Ship Steroids from Super Steroids?

How to Ship Steroids from Super Steroids?

As an online shopper, the biggest worry is receiving your order on time and while intact.

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The anxiety becomes even more pronounced when purchasing sensitive products such as Steroids, Growth Hormones, SARMs, and other often prohibited anabolic products. So, how do you buy steroids online and ensure they reach you safely without being confiscated by the inspection authorities? This blog post will enlighten you on the procedure Super Steroid follows when shipping your steroid orders. We’ll also discuss other possibilities such as what happens in the event your steroids get seized, including our immediate action to that effect.

The Basics of Steroids Shipping

Admittedly, most countries are very strict in regard to distribution and use of steroids. As such, a majority of users purchase these products in secrecy in a bid to avoid repercussions they’d otherwise face if detected. But then again, it takes an incredibly smart distributor to send your steroid orders without alarming the necessary authorities. That’s exactly what Super Steroid is- a smart vendor and a reliable source of authentic steroids online.

Completing Your Steroid Orders

Before you can even think about shipping, the first step entails browsing our well-stocked store and select the exact product you want. We then guide you through a secure procedure of sending money to us. Here, we use a two-factor authentication system in confirming payment of orders. In a nutshell, we require submission of your proof of payment form to us after which we countercheck from our end if the pay reflects. What follows is careful packaging of the orders, with great emphasis being put on discretion and safety of the packaged item.

Thereafter, we’ll ask for the ideal geographical location from where you can pick your package. Once everything is confirmed and your order dispatched, the designated courier will send a tracking number to your email to help you monitor the exact location of your good.

How to Pay for Steroids Online on Super Steroid

Super Steroid offers you four primary payment methods namely Credit Card, Western Union, MoneyGram, and Bitcoin.

Western Union and MoneyGram are the two best methods that we recommend when making payment for your goods on Super Steroid. Here, you can choose from two approaches. First, you can simply use your prepaid credit card on the Western Union Website to remit money. Thereafter, provide our European Beneficiary which we’ll give on the order confirmation page. Alternatively, you can go to a physical Western Union booth near you and make payment to our European Beneficiary. You will also use the same procedures in the case of MoneyGram, only that this time you’re required to visit the MoneyGram website or their physical agency respectively.

Another method entails use of credit card to make payment. Here, you will need to visit which is a secure payment gateway platform. When using this method, money reaches us in form of Bitcoins with the best part being that your transaction is completely anonymous.

The last option entails Bitcoin which is completely anonymous and equally easy to use. Using this option on Super Steroid automatically qualifies you for a 5% rebate on all orders paid via BTC.

Actual Shipping of Steroids

Typically, the time it takes to relay your goods from our warehouse to your doorstep is between 5 and 9 days. Ever since we got into business, we’ve achieved an incredible 95% success rate as far as delivery of our packages are concerned. In other words, it means only a meagre 5% of all orders sent have recorded delay/seizure issues. In fact, most of the latter issues arose from situations that were entirely unforeseen and uncontrollable. For example, a recent case entailed a customer giving a wrong address which meant his order was returned. We had to resend it once more after he acknowledged and rectified the error. In that case, we’ve compiled a list of crucial details we need from you any time we’re shipping steroids internationally:

  • Name

To ensure your order reaches you, we request that you provide your real name. We highly discourage use of fake or usernames as this increases chances of goods not being released to you by postmen or even couriers who always ask for identification details before they can allow you to pick up your packages.

  • Address and Contact Details

An address tells exactly where it is convenient and safe for our freight partners to hand over the orders to you. For this, you’re allowed to use a public address or that of a friend as long as you can access it easily once your goods arrive there. Regarding the contact details, we only require your email address which we use for all our communications with you.

  • Payment Confirmation

As part of our goal to offer customers great, effective service, we always require you to send us a proof of payment before we can dispatch your goods. This serves as part of a routine check aimed at helping us confirm receipt of your payment. Please note that you need to complete this step within 7 days of making your order, failure to which we stop reserving your item and especially if it’s among the most popular steroids.

  • Insurance Cover

Although paying for an insurance cover is optional, we highly recommend it for your orders. Basically, your goods will be covered against confiscation by customs, loss, and breakage of items during shipping. What’s more, you don’t need to resend any proof of purchase when claiming for compensation especially when it comes to seizure or loss- we are able to know about this via the tracking code we send you. However, if it’s a broken vial, for example, you only need to email us the picture and we shall resend without charging you any extra cost- remember that we only compensate this if the packaging is still intact.

It is also worth noting that our insurance terms allow for a maximum of one reshipping. Nonetheless, we’d like to assure you that we do our best to ensure goods reach you the very first time we ship them to help you stick to your training/fitness schedules as needed.

How We Ship Steroids Internationally

Over the several years we’ve been in this steroids industry, we have identified and partnered with some of the best international carriers to ship goods to our consumers all over the world. Top among them is EMS, otherwise known as the international postal Express Mail Service, which ships over 90% of our merchandise. This corporation is highly respected and also has a proven track record of delivering goods successfully in any part of the world.

In addition, we also work closely with other top companies including DHL, Aramex, Chronopost, and TNT among others. All these are couriers with excellent reputation in their line of work and, together with EMS, have enabled us achieve the rare feat of having over 95% of our internationally shipped steroids successfully reach their targets. Our choice of the company to ship your goods is informed by the particular courier’s experience and success rate in delivering goods to your destination.

Steroids via Mail

Usually, once the goods we send you arrives at your destination, they will be placed in your mail box from where you can pick them. The designated carrier first drops them to the local dispatch institution which sorts and mails the goods to the addresses provided. However, as is the routine in ports or other authorities tasked with handling imports, parcels are scanned to ensure only the legalized goods enter the country. It is here that the mailer decides whether to proceed with the delivery, return the good to the sender, or in some cases, arrest the shipper if the goods imported are considered prohibited.

Luckily for you, Super Steroid boasts immense wealth of experience in ensuring goods sent to our customers reach them with the least hitches. Some of the techniques we’ve mastered over the years to achieve this include recommending use of public addresses and insurance covers among others.

  • Use of Public Mail Addresses

Your steroid order is like a needle in haystack when delivered in a public mailbox. So many people buying steroids illegally online have tried this and worked out just fine. Remember authorities at any such inspection point have thousands of goods to clear in a day which makes it almost nearly impossible to thoroughly inspect every item. This way, your steroid packages easily bypass these inspections and ultimately get to you on time and safely.

  • Providing an Insurance cover

At Super Steroid, the cost of an insurance cover is merely 10% of the worth of your order. We’ve set the rate to be lower than anywhere else online to make the service affordable to almost everyone that orders steroids online. We cannot emphasize enough just how important this facility is especially if making international steroids orders.

  • Sending Parcels Intermittently

Although the primary reason for this tactic is not discretion, it certainly helps to minimize seizure of orders. Our manufacturers dwell in different regions and only send goods to our nearest warehouses. This reduces the size of packages thereby increasing our ability to throw in our camouflage tactics. This also explains why if you order two varying goods, arrival time and packaging criteria might be different. For example, you’ll find that products by Magnus (based in Asia) come in different packaging materials as compared to, say, injection materials (which we source from the US). Besides, delay in delivery will also differ in both cases although rarely outside our normal 5-9 day wait period.

Why Should You Order Steroids Online?

  • First, your steroids of choice may not be locally available which means you have to source them from an international supplier such as Super Steroid.
  • More value for a lower price. International vendors partner with reputable manufacturers from all around the globe to sell you quality goods.
  • Great prescriptions, post cycle consultations, and ability to buy updated and improved products. An online platform allows you to find out details about safe use of steroids you didn’t know before. It’s an open market but with far better organization and coordination.
  • Finally, you get to buy illegal steroids freely. With various anonymous payment methods and reputable steroid carriers now readily available, you securely pay for your goods and wait for them to be shipped right to your doorstep.


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