Purity Test, Production Videos, Social Media

Purity Test, Production Videos, Social Media & MyoGen Ambassadors

This article is a press release sponsored by Myogenlabs.com (8/03/2019)

Here is an update of the brand MyoGen that did a real teasing for several months as you know. After a “white paper”, the presentation of the range of products, prices, a mobile application … here are the laboratory tests, the presentation of social networks and ambassadors, and the first real images of the products!

Laboratory Tests

The first quality tests announced by the brand are available:

DecaGen 250 (see the test), SustaGen 250 (see the test), StanoGen 50 (see the test), TrenaGen Mix 150 (see the test), TestoGen 250 (see the test).

Production videos

Several videos of production of injectable steroids are available:

The production of oral steroids and protections is also over:

Social Media & MyoGen Ambassadors

MyoGen continues to recruit brand ambassadors, you can discover them below (and even apply!):

You can also follow the brand on social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram

The first MyoGen products will be available for sale in a few weeks, thank you for your patience!

L’équipe MyoGen – https://myogenlabs.com/

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