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Trenavar – Arcas – 35mg x 90caps

The prohormone Trenavar gives benefits like muscle gain, fat loss, improved stamina, and much more.

  • Manufacturer: Arcas Nutrition,
  • Substance: Trenavar.
  • Concentration: 35mg / capsule
  • Package: 90 capsules.
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  • Muscle gain: 5/5
  • Fat loss: 4/5
  • Improved stamina: 5/5
Arcas Nutrition

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Released in 2011 by two supplement companies (PHF Supplements, Innovative Body Enhancement Supplements). This prohormone basically sets off a similar effect in the body like Trenbolone, a type of veterinary steroid that was originally used to add mass and size to cattle before being sent to the abattoir. Quickly gained a lot of followers.


Should only be cycled for 30 days and in lower doses compared to its counterparts. Newbies should begin with a dose of 35mg taken in split intervals each day. Starting with a higher dose can easily lead to side effects (especially during the third week of use). When your body has acclimatized to Trenavar, you can bump up your dosage to 70mg in split doses daily. Whether you’re using as a standalone prohormone or as a part of a stack, crucial to have an oncycle support to stave off the possibility of experiencing hypertension and liver issues.

Side Effects

  • Increases aggression
  • Can cause headaches and soreness in the legs
  • Reduces thyroid levels
  • Can cause a dip in blood sugar levels
  • Can raise prolactin
  • Reduces endurance levels
  • Can cause surges in bad cholesterol and blood pressure levels
  • Can put a strain to the heart and liver
  • Can cause bouts of insomnia, fatigue and lethargy

Post Cycle Therapy

It is very important that you get a proper post cycle therapy since Trenavar is extremely powerful. PCT to help your organs recuperate after processing this prohormone and promote the normalcy of your hormone levels.


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