Proviron 25 30tabs Maha Pharma

Mesterolone – Maha Pharma, also called proviron, has become a very popular substance among bodybuilders for several reasons. Although this steroid is not very anabolic, it is strongly androgenic.

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Buy Masterolone (Proviron) Maha Pharma

The Masterolone is able to give the muscles a harder and more defined appearance. The drug is also an estrogen blocker. It can be used in conjunction with steroids that aromatize to help prevent estrogen-related side effects.

Another positive effect of Mesterolone is that it drastically reduces SHBG in the body. This releases other hormones and makes them much more effective. Its high androgenic properties make Mesterolone a very good substance to maintain or boost libido. It is also a very good product to add to its PCT program. Here, Mesterolone will help maintain high levels of androgens while allowing the body’s own natural testosterone production to come back.

Even though it’s an oral, Mesterolone is considered very mild on the liver, and therefore, liver damage is not a concern when using this substance. Bodybuilders often incorporate this drug in all their cycles, and also in their PCT programs. When stacked with testosterone, it helps block estrogen while increasing androgens, and also allows testosterone to be more abundant in the body. With this wide range of benefits associated with its addition to the cycle, it is not surprising that this drug has gained popularity.

Dosage and Administration

Men generally use Mesterolone in a dosage range of 25-50 mg per day.

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