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Primabolan 100 LA-Pharma 10ml

This product provides more or less the same effects as Winstrol but with a difference that is not toxic to the liver. The Primabolan Methenolone molecule has the advantage that even taken alone, it can cause muscle mass gain associated with burning fat based on the dosages.
  • Laboratory : LA-Pharma,
  • Form : Injection,
  • Molecule : Methenolone Enanthate,
  • Concentration : 100mg/ml,
  • Presentation : Vial of 10ml,
  • Recommended dosage : 100-400mg/week
  • Strength: 3/5
  • Mass gain: 2/5
  • Fat/water loss: 4/5
  • Side effects: 1/5
  • Gain conservation: 3/5

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This product provides more or less the same effects as Winstrol except that it is not toxic to the liver because it is not AA17.

It has the advantage that even taken alone, it can bring muscle gain associated with a carburetion fat as with Winstrol.

The injectable Primabolan gives a moderate muscle gain but better, with a denser and drier muscle. Also, as this gain is not due to water retention, it is a sustainable muscle gain. It is the diet and the training that will make the difference.
Moreover as it is a weakly androgenic compound, its side effects are nonexistent when taken in recommended doses. So there is usually no water retention or virilization or gynecomastia with this product.

This product is not suppressive.


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