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Oxymetholone 50mg – 100 tabs La-Pharma

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Known as one of the most popular oral anabolic steroids on the market, Androlic Oxymetholone can improve nitrogen levels and help the user to gain strength and muscle mass.

  • Laboratory : LA-Pharma,
  • Form : Oral,
  • Molecule : Oxymetholone,
  • Concentration : 50mg/tabs,
  • Presentation : 100 tabs,
  • Recommended Dosage : 50-150mg/day


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  • Strength: 5/5
  • Mass Gain: 5/5
  • Fat/Water Loss: 0/5
  • Side Effects: 4/5
  • Gain Conservation: 3/5

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Although this is a very potent synthetic steroid, Androlic tablets for weight training are known to have a very intense androgenic effect and cause great muscle mass gains within weeks. If you have decided to take this steroid for a thinner, strong and sculptural body, then you should know that the side effects of Androlic 50 mg may include water retention (which, in turn, can cause a little bloated appearance), hirsutism; it can also be toxic to the liver, which is why bodybuilders, athletes and other fitness enthusiasts are not recommended to take Androlic 50 for more than four weeks.

According to many Androlic analyzes, the main difference between this and other oral and injectable  steroids is that because of the quantitative gains in muscle mass: users can build muscles quickly, but much of their muscle mass is nothing but water, while muscle cells are known to retain water.

Besides the obvious benefits of Androlic, this steroid also helps users become stronger and stronger, and thus to be able to lift more weight than before. This is what is generally called the “pump effect” that users experience a few days after starting a treatment with Androlic, and this is partly triggered by the increased volume of oxygen. One could say without fear of being wrong that Androlic and Dianabol have the same effect, the main difference is that the latter is available in both oral and injectable form.


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