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M-STEN – Arcas – Methylstenbolone – 15mg x 90caps

M-Sten is a product containing Methylstenbolone. Considered the safest and most user-friendly alternative to Superdrol. The results occur after a few weeks. Lean muscle gains up to 12 kg in 4 weeks were recorded for this compound. The chances of retaining too much water with this product are very small.

  • Manufacturer: Arcas Nutrition,
  • Substance: Methylstenbolone. .
  • Concentration: 15mg / capsule
  • Package: 90 capsules.
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  • Gain mass: 5/5
  • Boosts strength levels: 4/5
  • Increase in muscle density: : 5/5
  • Fat Loss: 3/5
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Methylstenbolone was developed by Antaeus Labs and published under the name “Ultradrol”. This prohormone has no affinity for the progesterone receptor and will not convert to an estrogenic metabolite when absorbed by the body. Aromatization is virtually impossible with Methylstenbolone.


  • Lean mass gain: It is possible that you can gain 5 to 12 kg of lean muscle mass with a daily dose of 15mg of Methylstenbolone for 4 weeks.
  • Weight loss: Users report that they were able to lose up to 3% of body fat while gaining up to 3 kg of dry muscle when taking a daily dose of methylstenolone for 4 weeks.


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