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Letrozole 25 -30 tabs – Hilma Biocare

Bodybuilders choose the Letrozole 25 Hilma Biocare to fight against gynecomastia, but also for water retention. But it is often the users who neglect to take an Aromatase inhibitor from the beginning of a cycle who turn to this product.

  • Laboratory: Hilma Biocare
  • Form: oral
  • Molecule: Letrozole
  • Concentration: 2.5 mg per tab
  • Presentation: Box of 30 tabs
  • Recommended dosage: 2.5 mg daily
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Letrozole Hilma Biocare is an inhibitor of Aromataze, which aims to block the enzyme aromatase, responsible for the production of estrogen. By inhibiting estrogen production, it will help reduce estrogen levels in the body. The anti-estrogenic effect of Letrozole is extremely beneficial for users of anabolic steroids. By taking this product, they can avoid gynecomastia as well as excessive water retention. If water retention becomes severe, it can actually promote high blood pressure.


The Letrozole 25 Hilma Biocare is used during a cycle of anabolic steroids. This is an excellent weapon when estrogen becomes uncontrollable.


Whether for the treatment of cancer or to fight gynecomastia, the normal dose is 2.5 mg per day. It is especially when the symptoms of gynecomastia appear that it is recommended to take it. As soon as the symptoms begin to disappear, the dose must be reduced and maintained until the end of the cycle.

Note that it is not recommended to combine Letrozole and Nolvadex. One study demonstrated that when letrozole is used with Nolvadex, it decreases the plasma concentration of Letrozole.


– Headache
– Hypertension
– Hot flashes
– Articular pain
– Depression

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