Induject 250 Alpha-Pharma 10ml Vial

Sustanon is a mix of Testosterones. The diversity of esters allows Sustanon to act in several ways, both short term and long term. This diverse composition enables to provide a satisfactory muscle mass seizure of qualitatively and quantitative perspective.
  • Laboratory : Alpha-Pharma,
  • Form : Injection,
  • Molecule : Sustanon-Mix of Testosterones,
  • Concentration :  250mg/ml,
  • Presentation : i vial of 10 ml,
  • Recommended Dosage : 250-1000mg/week
  • Strength: 4/5
  • Mass Gain: 4/5
  • Fat/Water Loss: 2/5
  • Side Effects: 3/5
  • Gain Conservation: 3/5


Buy Induject 250 Alpha-Pharma

The famous Sustanon is a mixture of 4 esters of testosterone, whose composition is as follows:

• 30 mg of Testosterone Propionate
• 60 mg of Testosterone Phenylpropionate
• 60 mg of Testosterone Isocaproate
• 100 mg of Testosterone Decanoate

Sustanon 250 is the “sure thing” of testosterone esters mix. Indeed, the esters’ diversity that composes it enables Sustanon to act in several ways, both short term and long term.

The presence of Testosterone Propionate provides results from the first day of intake. With other esters present in this mix, the Sustanon allows maintaining a high rate of testosterone over a period of 4 weeks.

Thus, the weekly injections of Sustanon will help you avoid blood fluctuation and maintain constant levels of testosterone throughout the duration of your treatment.

This diverse composition enables to provide a muscle mass gain both qualitative and quantitative.

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