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IGF-1 DES Magnus vial of 1mg

This peptide is a powerful injectable remedy with regenerative and cell growth properties. Highly used in bodybuilding, it is often associated with steroids for explosive growth.

  • Laboratory: Magnus Pharmaceutical
  • Active substance: IGF-DES
  • Appearance: Freeze-dried white powder
  • Condition: 1mg / vila
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Magnus Pharmaceuticals

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IGF-1 is an injectable product derived from scientific research that helps eliminate body fat by turning it into energy. It has anti-aging properties and therefore can help to compensate for heart failure, regulate brain cells and neuronal function. IGF-1 works by increasing the transport of nutrients (protein synthesis). It has a regenerative function in general. The most important factor to consider is the ability of IGF-1 to achieve hyperplasia. When you use steroids, they will help the body by hypertrophy, increasing the size of existing muscle cells. While IGF-1 causes hyperplasia, increasing the number of cells in the muscle tissue. These new cells can then be used, to get more strength and muscle mass. In combination with steroids, the results are simply incredible. The recommended dose of IGF-1 DES is 50 to 250 mcg daily. It can be injected several times (in small doses) before training, in specific target areas. For example, if you want to develop your biceps, inject IGF-1 DES directly into your biceps.


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