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Halostestin – Swiss Remedies – 5mg x 100tab

Halotestin is mainly used by athletes looking to develop their strength rather than their muscles. Halotestin is used by weightlifters and athletes that are required to remain in a certain weight class, such as boxers.
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  • Form: Oral,
  • Molecule: Fluoxymesterone,
  • Concentration: 10mg / tabs,
  • Presentation: 100 Tabs,
  • Recommended dosage: 20-40mg / day
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  • Strength: 5/5
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  • Fat / water loss: 2/5
  • Side effects : 4/5
  • Gain Conservation : 3/5
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Halotestin, is one of the most powerful anabolic-androgenic steroids out there. Like the others, it is a derivative of the steroid testosterone. With the great amount of power that can be benefitted from Halotestin, it is equally dangerous. Its primary function is not as a performance enhancing drug but as a testosterone replacement for those experience growth problems. As a gonadal steroid it induces puberty among male teenagers. It also works as an anti-estrogen for women who have breast cancer. The good news in using Halotestin is its does not aromatase to estrogen. This minimizes the tendency of virilisation and androgenic side-effects. Fluoxymestorone is the parent steroid of Halotestin. While it is derived from testosterone it has weaker or milder effects to the body. Muscular gain or muscular mass shouldn’t be expected when you are using Halotestin. It is not a very effective bulking agent so do not use it if the goal to be achieved is to have massive gains in size or in weight.

Powerlifters and weight athletes love Halotestin. They comprise a majority of the users for this drugs compared to body builders. The reason behind is Halotestin’s ability to give a strength boost a few weeks before weight lifting competitions. Halotestin is also an aggression drug. However the downside for this drug is its toxicity to the liver. Since it is hepatoxic it can cause potentially severe liver damage.

Halotestin, rarely aromatizes which slows down the manifestation of estrogenic effects. One of these effects is increased water retention which one would hardly experience when using this steroid. Water weight and bloating is never a problem. Halotestin concentrates in building a leaner muscle making it harder and tighter which makes this steroid a good cutting agent especially during pre-contest trainings. For those who already have a low fat body, being a cutting agent, it makes the muscles more distinct and defined. These effects may also be achieved by using steroids with less adverse side-effects

Side Effects of Halotestin

Since its anabolic and androgenic properties, (but exhibits weak androgenic effects) are way higher than testosterone, Halotestin is the most dangerous drug in the market. If administered incorrectly without enough knowledge on the dose and cycle there it can cause death. No other steroid can match the toxicity of Halotestin. Doses should be kept at 20-30mg orally. Jaundice is one of the indications that you have ingested this steroid at a toxic level. For women who decide to take Halotestin you may experience the following androgenic side effects: loss of menstrual cycle, deepening of the voice, clitoral enlargement which could be irreversible, bloating if in large doses, skin reactions like pimples, acne, or rashes, and sterility. Another side-effect of Halotestin is the negative feedback it sends the Hypothalamic-pituitary testicular axis. This can lead to sexual dysfunction when endogenous testosterone becomes depressed. To bring back testosterone to normal levels you can make use a combination of testosterone stimulants and estrogen receptor modulators.

For those athletes that go through regular drug testing, Halotestin is not the drug for you. It stays in your system for quite sometime, even up to two months of discontinued use.

Dosage and Administration

It is recommended that dosage of Halotestin be kept at 40mg a day for 4-6weeks. For purposes of added aggression keep the dosage at 10mg before workout.



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