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Exemestane Magnus Pharma – 30 tabs – 25 mg/tab

Exemestane is an aromatase inhibitor. It binds to aromatase enzymes to permanently deactivate them.

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The half-life of Exemestane is only about 9 hours and therefore disappears quickly. However, due to the efficacy of Exemestane in removing aromatase enzymes (80-90% after administration), estrogen levels will remain low for up to 72 hours after a 25 mg dose. This is why Exemestane is very effective during a daily dose. According to one study, the percentage of estrogen in Exemestane users was below 40%, 72 hours after their dose.

Exemestane is perfect for post-cycle therapy (PCT). There is simply no other aromatase inhibitor that can be compared in terms of effects on recovery.

In one study, Exemestane dosed at 25 mg per day, increases testosterone by 60% in just 10 days. In addition, Exemestane also increases IGF-1 levels. There is no estrogen rebound with Exemestane, and it is also a very powerful and effective treatment for gynecomastia. Exemestane is therefore an ideal product for post-cycle therapy as well as for estrogen control.


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