EPO 3000 Rejian

Athletes of endurance trials, including cyclists, skiers and marathon runners, have long known they can improve their performance by increasing the supply of oxygen in their blood and therefore in their muscles.
  • Laboratory : Rejian
  • Form : injection,
  • Molecule : Erythropoietin,
  • Concentration : 3000 IU/Vial,
  • Presentation : 5 Vials of 3000 IU,
  • Recommended Dosage : 20 IU / kg body weight,
  • Increases the VO2 max: 5/5
  • Decrease of weariness: 4/5
  • Better endurance: 5/5
  • Better recovery: 4/5
Revendeur officiel Rejian


Athletes who use EPO are essentially endurance runners and high level cyclists, but some weightlifters begin to use it.

As everyone knows, the red blood cells are the carriers of oxygen in the blood. That is why these athletes have been interested in EPO, which causes an increase in the number of red blood cells. The result is an increased blood’s ability to store oxygen and thus improve cardiac performance.

The doses usually taken are at least 20 IU per kg of body weight over a period of no more than 6 weeks. The effects usually appear after 2 weeks of cycle.

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  1. chen

    Coureur cycliste passionné je suis passé d’amateur à semi-pro grâce à l’EPO 3000 Rejian (Mais aussi avec beaucoup de sacrifices) . Le produit est bon marché compte tenu de ce qu’il m’a permis d’avoir.
    Merci super-steroide.to

  2. vélo

    résultat excellent, hemato grimpé a 67 génial

  3. bibi

    bien reçu li colis

  4. nufar

    je pratique en semi pro, ce produit fait des miracles…

  5. Gerald

    je suis cycliste et ce produit m’aide a fond. mes performances ont augmentées et c’est encore plus motivant.

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