BPC 157 Magnus 1 vial of 10mg

  • Laboratory: Magnus Pharmaceutical
  • Active ingredient: BPC-157 (BPC157)
  • Conditioning: 1 Vial (10mg)
  • Molecular formula: C62H98N16O22
  • Appearance: Freeze-dried white powder
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Magnus Pharmaceuticals


Buy BPC-157 Magnus Pharmaceutical

The BPC-157 is an effective treatment for various injuries and traumas


Whether oral or by injection, these two modes of administration will bring good results. But the injection remains the most popular mode of administration. The injection should be 1 to 2 centimeters from the center of the area to be treated, and this will allow the peptide to spread throughout the site where there is injury.


The typical dosage of BPC-157 is 10mcg / kg (body weight of the individual to be treated).

Most of the time we give one injection a day, but for severe injuries we can exceptionally make two injections a day.


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