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Lifetech-Labs Anti-Aging  is the most powerful blend of peptides to slow aging. Ipamorelin is the best peptide for rejuvenation and strengthening of joints, while GRF (1-29) is ideal to amplify this effect.

  • Laboratory : Lifetech-Labs,
  • Form : Subcutaneous injection,
  • Molecule : Ipamorelin + MOD GRF (1-29),
  • Concentration : 2.1mg/vial,
  • Presentation : 10 Vials of 2.1mg,
  • Recommended Dosage : 350 mcg 2 times per day (before breakfast and before bedtime)
  • Dilution : Use 2 ml of sterilized water,
  • Dose per vial : 6*350 mcg (1 vial per 3 days),
  • Dose per injection : 350 mcg = 0.33ml (33 units on the insulin syringe),
  • Vitality: 4/5
  • Anti-Aging: 5/5
  • Fat/Water Loss: 2/5
  • Well-Being: 5/5
  • Energy: 5/5
  • Side Effects: 0/5
  • Gain Conservation: 4/5
Lifetech Labs



Buy Peptides Mix Ipamorelin + GRF 1-29 = Biosynergy Anti-Aging Lifetech- Labs

Anti-Aging has been designed to limit the effects of time on the body. Anti-Aging comes from the mix of two peptides: Ipamorelin & GRF 1-29.

  • Ipamorelin stimulates the body to release natural growth hormone and IGF-1.
  • GRF 1-29 is a secretagogue which stimulates the release of HGH.


The best timing for injections (2 per day) in order to obtain best results is:

  • 1 when you wake up or before breakfast.
  • 1 at night before bed.


ANTI-AGING provides anti-aging effects, deeper sleep, and overall well-being. Other benefits include muscle growth and fat loss if the use of the product is done in combination with a diet and physical exercise. advice :
Doses should be taken on an empty stomach (3 hours or more) for best results. Do not consume food until 15-30 minutes after the dose.
ANTI-AGING is the safest peptide to use and will become your new lifestyle.

Professional dosage recommended by the Lifetech-Labs brand:

  • The dosage recommended by the brand is a dosage for beginner users of the products.
    • Dosage recommended by the brand = normal dosage (700 mcg / day).
  • Initiated Dosage is an assay for users who have steroids treatments, peptides or growth hormone in their assets.
    • Initiated dose (1.4mg / day).


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