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Peptide – Biopeptide IGF-1 LR3 – Lifetech-Labs (WAREHOUSE 2)

The peptide that gives amazing muscular development is IGF-1 – LR3 Biopeptide by Lifetech-Labs (insulin-like growth factor) and belongs to the family of peptides having a structure identical to that of insulin.  This is a highly anabolic hormone that is released in the liver and in peripheral tissues in response to GH so that new muscle fibers are constructed.
  • Laboratory : Lifetech-Labs
  • Form : Subcutaneous Injection
  • Molecule : IGF-1 LR3
  • Concentration : 100mcg/vial
  • Presentation : 10 Vials of 100mcg
  • Recommended Dosage : 100 mcg once a day (before going to bed)
  • Dilution : Use 1 ml of sterilised water
  • Dose per vial : 1*100 mcg (1 vial for 1 day)
  • Dose per injection : 100 mcg = 1ml (100 unities in the insulin syringe)
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  • Muscle Gain : 5/5
  • Fat burner : 4/5
  • Strength gain : 4/5
  • Recovery : 4/5
  • Anti-Aging : 1/5
  • Side effects : 0/5
  • Gains Conservation : 4/5
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Buy Peptide Lifetech-Labs Biopeptide IGF-1 LR3

IGF-1 belongs to the family of peptides having the same structure and size of insulin. This is a highly anabolic hormone that is released in the liver and peripheral tissues in response to GH so that new muscle tissue can be constructed. The main IGF-1’s work is to build new muscle tissue by promoting nitrogen retention and protein synthesis.

With appropriate dosage, IGF-1 has a powerful effect on fat metabolism and helps the body burn fat fast. It also improves mental functions such as reflexes and the ability to learn.

PeptideBiopeptide IGF-1 LR3
Dosage100 mcg/vial
CAS NO.946870-92-4
SynonymInsulin-Like Growth Factor-I LR3
AppearanceWhite Powder
SourceChemical synthesis
ConservationIGF-1 LR3 lyophilized remains stable at room temperature for 90 days. However, the product must be stored frozen at -8 ° C if you want to keep it for more than 3 months. After reconstitution, IGF-1 LR3 must be refrigerated between 2 ° C and 8 ° C.

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  1. Marcos Gee

    Very effective. Repaired my injured Bi in 3 weeks…5 star for being authentic.

  2. shipment

    well done guys

  3. opla

    quelle rapiditée pour la livraison !!! Super

  4. Cesar

    Great gear, works in hours not weeks.

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