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Anabol 10mg – 500 tabs British-Dispensary

Anabol (Dianabol / Methandienone) is an effective oral anabolic steroid that was initially distributed in the United States after being developed by Ciba Pharmaceuticals in Germany in the early 1960s.
  • Laboratory : British-Dispensary
  • Form : Oral
  • Molecule : Methandienone
  • Concentration : 10mg/tabs
  • Presentation : 500 tabs
  • Recommended Dosage : 20-80mg/day
  • Strength: 4/5
  • Mass Gain: 5/5
  • Fat/Water Loss: 0/5
  • Side Effects: 3/5
  • Gain Conservation: 3/5
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Buy Dianabol (Methandienone) British-Dispensary

Methandienone is also known by its various trade names, including Danabol, Averbol and Dianabol as well as Methandrostenolone and Metandienone. In Western Europe and the United States it is used as a controlled substance that is popular among athletes and bodybuilders. Today it is also manufactured in different Asian countries. In several countries, such as Mexico and Thailand it is freely available without prescription.

The history of Dianabol

Some of Dr. John Ziegler patients also worked in the pharmaceutical laboratory.  He used testosterone during a period of less than six weeks on some bodybuilders as an experiment, but he failed. Upset by the condition of their patients and the failure of experience, he stayed away from any kind of research on performance-enhancing drugs until 1959. But in 1960 he found that Dianabol could improve the performance of athletes and bodybuilders.


Dianabol was first distributed by Dr. John Ziegler among Olympic athletes of the United States, before distributing Dianabol among US athletes more widely. He made the right decision to give this oral anabolic steroid to US athletes as Dianabol proved that it could significantly influence the performance of athletes. After that, the battle of anti-doping began as the development of rules and the anti-doping regulations was taken up by certain countries.

Side effects of Dianabol

The increased production of potent estrogens multiplies the risk of experiencing the side effects of Dianabol, especially in men as gynecomastia, headaches, bloating and high blood pressure, etc.  However with a normal recommended intake of Dianabol and using protections such as Nolvadex, Clomid or Arimidex and good PCT stimulus, there is nothing to worry about.


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