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Adrenosterone – Arcas – 100mg x 90 capules

Cortisol decreases muscle mass and increases body fat. The Prohormone Adrenosterone is a cortisol inhibitor, which means you will save muscle and accumulate less fat, perfect for all bodybuilders.

  • Fabricant: Arcas Nutrition,
  • Substance: Androst-4-ene-3,11,17 trione
  • Concentration : 100mg/capsule
  • Package: 90 capsules.
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  • Decreased cortisol levels: 5/5
  • Significant lean mass gains: 4/5
  • Increased strength: 4/5
  • Improved fat loss: 4/5
  • Increased muscle hardness: 4/5
  • Enhanced insulin sensitivity: 4/5
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Adrenosterone’s main action is it lowers cortisol levels. Cortisol is the main catabolic (muscle-eating) hormone and it also promotes fat gain. Cortisol and testosterone also work in an inverse relationship, so high cortisol levels lower testosterone. Adrenosterone acts as a competitive inhibitor, preventing cortisone from attaching to the 11b-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type I reductase. By competing at the receptor, it keeps cortisone from attaching and converting to cortisol through the enzyme.

Adrenosterone is found naturally in the body and is released by the adrenal glands. The body uses it as a way to help regulate cortisol levels. Capable of inhibiting the function of the enzyme called: 11beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type1 reductase (11HSD1R) responsible for converting the harmless cortisone to the actively catabolic (muscle wasting) cortisol. Not only does Cortisol waste muscle mass but it is a key component in promoting fat deposit in men.


Provide benefits of increased fat loss and muscle hardening ran on its own in doses ranging 100-200mg applied topically everyday. Reported the very best results over a 5 to 6 week cycle period using
a strong anabolic dosages of 200mg oral daily. It does not contain a Mehtyl group anywhere. Should not impact the liver much even at dosages of 400mg per daily oral, for 6 weeks. Main role adding Adrenosterone is helping minimize fat gain during a bulking cycle.

Effets secondaires possibles

  • Joint dryness
  • More propensity to injury
  • Does NOT convert to Estrogen
  • Can also cause loss of libido, especially in those prone to erectile dysfunction

Thérapie post-cycle

Under those ranges it doesn’t seem to show any negative impact in the recovery of HTPA, even when used during PCT to a Bridge. For running “Bridge Cycle” that are non-suppressive nor liver toxic by stacking this prohormone in the same “Bridge Cycle” with another anabolic agent like SARMS or Peptides. Full and proper PCT should always be used to ensure proper recovery.


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