EASY. FAST. ANONYMOUS. SAFE. Low transfer fees and excellent exchange rates. Payment received in 24 hours on average. MG is the second largest money transfer provider in the world in over 200 countries with an international network of about 347,000 agents. We encourage the use of MG because of its reduced commission and quality service.

The process of a Super-Steroid.com order:

How to pay by MG:

You can pay at a MG location or directly on the MG website using the beneficiary given on the order confirmation page.


This form must be completed after payment by MG:

Please be careful about the data you are sending. A simple spelling error can increase the time to validate your payment from 48h to 1 week.

Please send the photo of your Moneygram payment receipt. Please write clearly your order number on it. It is not required to validate your payment, but it will speed up the cashing process and therefore the preparation and the shipping of your order.

Your order will be shipped within 48 to 72 hours once your payment has been confirmed by our accounting department
(Depending on the availability of products)

Once you receive your package, get 10% off your next order by sending your photo!


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  1. Great product and services. I plan on using you allot!

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