Payment by credit card !


Payment by credit card is a simple, fast and secure way to buy online. We accept MasterCard and Visa through the portal, to buy from 100$ to 20,000$ per week.

Important: if this is your first order by credit card, must check your identity. It takes from 20 minutes to a few hours. And once your credit card is verified, you can pay in minutes!

Pay with your credit card just like any other site

Your payment is instantaneous, secure and confidential.

  • IMMEDIATE: Your order will be prepared immediately after your payment then shipped.
  • SECURE: The safety of your payment information is very important to us. Your credit card information is collected by on a secure HTTPS web page using SSL. All credit card information is encrypted, it is not stored and is transmitted directly to your Bank. never receives information from your credit card, we only receive Bitcoins from Paybis, which makes the transaction completely anonymous.
    The transmission of your personal information and your financial information is handled securely at every step.
  • CONFIDENTIAL: The online payment on your statement will be displayed as “Simplex_Paybis payment“
  • WITHOUT LIMITATION: Pay by credit as many times as you want, quickly, and within the limit of 20,000 $ per week.
  • SAVE MONEY: Unlike Western Union, payment by credit card generates very low payment fees: only 5% +10$ per transaction!

To pay by credit card, simply select the payment method “CREDIT CARD” on the order confirmation page after having filled in your details and chosen your method of delivery.

After validating your order, we give you a unique payment address (Bitcoin address) to copy and paste on

Important: Please do not reuse the same address. Each “Bitcoin address” must be used only once.

On, create a new account or log-in if you already have an account.
When registering, for the first payment, you must provide with a photo of your ID card.
(Paybis will never share your personal details ; this process is only to prevent credit card fraud)

On, in “Amount you receive” please enter your order amount in dollars ($) that was given on the confirmation page of your order above (step 1); then in “Your Bitcoin address” paste the unique address that we gave you previously (step 2):

Then after clicking on “Continue”, you must fill in the information of the owner of the credit card.

Once the payment is validated, we receive the money in the form of Bitcoin on the address given to you and your order will be validated within 12 working hours and then shipped.


It has never been easier to order steroids !

Do as our (many) customers do since 2014 and receive your order within 72 hours *

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* Average time for the Euro zone after preparation and handing-in of your package to the carrier.

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