Lee Haney, a life dedicated to bodybuilding

Lee Haney, a life dedicated to bodybuilding

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As soon as we pronounce his name, we immediately think of his eight victories in Mr Olympia between 1984 and 1991. Lee Haney is known and recognized worldwide for holding with Ronnie Coleman, the record of the number of victories at the very famous bodybuilding contest.

Today, in retirement, Lee Haney hosts a show on an American channel, with a strong audience, the “Trinity Broadcasting Network”. In this show, Lee Haney Vehicle the importance of cultivating one’s physical development, in relation to one’s spiritual development. During the show, he is often joined by sports figures.

But, beyond his incredible victories and TV show, do we really appreciate how much Lee Haney dedicated his life to Bodybuilding? Much more than a sports discipline, Lee Haney has made bodybuilding his passion, his education and his way of life.

Passionate about muscle since his 6 years :

While some bodybuilders have come to bodybuilding through other sports, Lee Haney has a passion for muscle since a young age. Born in 1956 in Georgia, Lee Haney will quickly develop his fascination with bodybuilding. Indeed, at age 6, his models are already Samson of the Old Testament and the famous Hercules of Greek Mythology . From then on, only one thing will count for the child: achieve the muscular physique of his idols .

With a strong personality and unwavering determination, at the age of 10 Lee Haney asks his parents, his first weights. Listening to their son’s wishes, Lee Haney’s parents offer her first weight as a Christmas present. The present is accompanied by a training book, the famous Charles Atlas. This book will be his source of inspiration and motivation. A true bible of bodybuilding, he will draw much of his knowledge of training and of nutrition.

Encouraged by her parents, Lee Haney creates her world around bodybuilding. He documented in the best bodybuilding magazines such as Joe Weider’s Muscle and Fitness and Muscle Builder. He hangs posters of recognized bodybuilders on the walls of his room.

Bodybuilding is his reason for living. So much so that when he was 14, his welder father made him a T-bar rowing machine. Lee Haney trains at home, drawing on information gleaned from magazines. One day, too, like Arnold Schwarzenegger, will become a legend of Bodybuilding. Lee Haney knows it and is getting ready …

His path to professionalism :

His lifted weights at home, begin to draw Lee Haney’s muscles. He then decides to join the local YMCA. There he will meet Danny Rogers, who will see the full potential of Lee Haney upon his arrival. He then takes it under his wing for 4 years, in order to lead him towards the path of professionalism. He will teach her how to lift the weights properly. In 1973, Lee Haney now offers an already harmonious musculature.

His physique attracts sympathy and Lee is invited to join various high school sports, such as football, athletics and basketball.  

His performances will earn him even a scholarship to return to the University. Despite this honor, Lee Haney does not forget his dream of becoming professional bodybuilders.

After exposing to his parents his intentions, Lee Haney leaves the path of study to devote himself solely to his passion, bodybuilding.

His years of competitions :

Lee Haney will discover the world of competition, for the first time in 1975, for the South Carolina contest. He’s 16. This is his first show. He is not at all prepared for this universe and scrolls while walking, with an inappropriate attire. His ignorance of the codes of competition will not allow him to rank. But instead of being discouraged by this defeat, young Lee has just caught the challenge virus.

He will then prepare for three years. And in 1979, Lee Haney entered the competition of Mr. América (in youth category), with a physical more than advantageous, an imposing musculature and a solid confidence. These efforts are rewarded. His dream is taking shape. Lee Haney has just won his first contest!

But far from losing the lead with this first win, Lee Haney retired for three years, competitions. He seeks excellence. In his quest for perfection, he will continue to carve his body to achieve in 1982 the most surprising physics of all time.

Now, nothing stops the rising star. Lee Haney won the Juniors Nationals (heavyweight category) and the Amateur World Championship in 1982 . These victories give him access to his professional bodybuilding card. Lee Haney is 23 years old, his dream comes true. He becomes professional.

In 1983, Lee Haney participates in many competitions as a professional and ranks among the 7, most honorable:

  • Grand Prix of England, 2
  • Grand Prix of Las Vegas, 1st
  • Swedish Grand Prix, 2
  • Grand Prix of Switzerland, 3e
  • The night of the Champions, 1st
  • Mr. Olympia, 3rd
  • The Professional World Championship, 3rd

Lee Haney becomes a legend:

By believing in his dream, Lee Haney will even surpass him by winning Mr. Olympia’s victory eight times between 1984 and 1991 . Lee Haney has just broken the record of his idol Arnold Schwarzenegger (holding 7 Mr. Olympia titles). Lee Haney is no longer a professional bodybuilder. He becomes a true legend of bodybuilding.

 Lee Haney is now a complete man. He animates his show by sharing his ideology of combining body and mind to find harmony. He also wrote books about his passion and created his own brand of sports supplements.

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