Introduction to MyoGen

Introduction to MyoGen

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The MyoGen brand name comes from the Greek word ‘Myo’ meaning ‘Muscle’ and ‘Genesis’ meaning ‘Birth’. This implied history reference of Muscle Origins (#muscleorigins) is the starting point, which leads to the evolution of fitness and bodybuilding in our contemporary era.

Our brand is managed by an international team of experts who share the same vision about making a similar evolutionary breakthrough in the AAS market.

MyoGen is backed by a leading Pharmaceutical company based in India. The complete product range includes injectables, orals and protections.

Every product is manufactured and distributed to the highest quality standards. MyoGen combines proven methods with the latest scientific research to drive product innovation for athletes.

With Myogen, the future is now, are you ready for the Anabolic Revolution?


Our Prelaunch Explained:

MyoGen Editorial Calendar

As part of our introduction and our official launch, we would like to express our motives, the reason why MyoGen was created and why we have chosen to launch the brand in this way (our 12 steps pre-launch).

Currently the anabolic steroid industry is conducted by whispers and in the shadows. Every story in the media about our industry paints steroids in a negative light.

What we know is sorely lacking, is complete openness and transparency.

Our long-term aim is to change the way steroids are discussed, the way they are viewed. 

Our prelaunch gives consumers a greater chance to interact with us. We outline the multiple ways to communicate with us so our consumers and fans have access to expert knowledge and advice, every step of the way. We are seeking to revolutionize the entire industry.

We are not just another brand, we are your brand, and we, are the future of the anabolic steroids industry. 


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