Incredible: Photos of a 250 kg of Steroids Delivery

Incredible: Photos of a 250 kg of Steroids Delivery

Today the team reveals the content of one of our deliveries before its distribution in the storage area!

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Regularly, we answer your questions about our ability to send orders within 72 hours anywhere in the world and the truth of our stock, two things that are totally linked … These questions are perfectly legitimate and we are always happy to give our customers the assurance they require.

Today the team reveals the content of one of our deliveries before its distribution in the storage area.


250 kg of steroids ready to be shipped

This morning it is a delivery of a quarter ton of steroids and peptides, together with hundreds of references that official laboratories of steroids, peptides, and hgh have sent us directly.

No need to pinch yourself, you are not seeing things! These photos are a good way for you to assess our ability to store and forward.  This is not even a part of todays orders.

We hope you enjoy the pictures because it’s not every day that transparency is provided in the world of Anabolics. works with real stock and quality products

Thaiger-Pharma, Meditech, LifetechLabs, La-Pharma, Alpha-Pharma(Not an exhaustive list) are all laboratories with which we work every day to ensure competitive prices and guaranteed authenticity.

The reception of our consignment is operated by experts in handling pharmaceuticals products and our logistics experts, we have many years experience receiving and redistributing these products, and we have developed expert methods of stealth shipping and safe storage of these products.


 The inventory of merchandise is done in real time

Every purchase that is made, our customers can be assured that these products are actually in stock and available to you, on our website

Upon checkout, the logistics team prepares your articles, conditions them and takes great care in the process that allows you to receive your valuable order.

Carriers are selected for the quality of their services.


Why is having a real stock of anabolic products so important to you?

A major real stock, guarantees you:

  • Fast shipping of your order.
  • Decreased risk of shortages.
  • A negotiated and competitive price with the market leading laboratories …
  • …While ensuring authenticity, quality and freshness of the products.
  • Fast, efficiency and sincerity are our commitments to each and every customer.


A day like any other for logistics team.

But have these pictures have surprised you? Have you ever seen such a large stock?

 Feel free to give us your impressions, let us know if you enjoyed this article, or even share it. We will not hesitate in this case to surprise you again.

For our part, we are already back at work! See you soon !




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