Which steroid cure to choose? Oral or injectable?

Which steroid cure to choose? Oral or injectable?

For those who practice bodybuilding and who wished, at a given moment, to give a little boost to their body, with a cure of steroids, were inevitably faced with this kind of question:

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  • What is the most judicious choice between a cure of oral steroids and a cure injectable steroids  ?
  • How to choose the best cure?
  • Which method is most effective?
  • Which has fewer side effects for my body?  

Future users of anabolic steroids even share their concerns on the forums, hoping to gain insight into the difference between oral steroids and injectable steroids and finally make a choice in mind.  

So today, we decided to accompany you in your choice by raising the shadows on oral steroids and injectable steroids. We will see why there are two forms of steroids, their respective advantages and disadvantages and finally, in your case what method to achieve to achieve your goals.

Discovery of oral steroids :

Oral steroids  are primarily marketed as tablets . But we can also find them in the form of capsules .

The most popular ones are :

  • The Dianabol for a gain of mass and significant weight
  • TheAnavar for a good PTO
  • The Clenbuterol et le T3 Cytomel for achieving dryness or weight loss. Note however that Clenbuterol and T3 Cytomel, although they are often classified with anabolic steroids, are not for all that. Indeed, Clenbuterol corresponds to a bronchodilator drug and T3 Cytomel to a thyroid hormone.

The main benefit of oral steroids is getting results quickly, over a short period of time . In addition, their oral form remains much more affordable for a first course. Indeed, it is not always easy to know how to make an injection correctly. Some people are even reluctant to bite. The oral form is therefore an alternative for all those who are not yet ready to switch to the injectable form of steroids.

Regarding a cure of dry, in 90% of the cases, the products proposed will be in oral form.

Another peculiarity of oral steroids: they can perfectly combine with injectable steroids, during a course of treatment, to increase the effects of the treatment.  

Nevertheless, some steroid users will refuse the oral form since its main disadvantage lies in its liver toxicity . Indeed, oral steroids will be ingested by the liver, causing more or less significant lesions in the organ. Any oral steroid treatment must therefore be accompanied by protection for the liver. The most effective and popular today liver protection is the Samarin.It must be taken three times a day, one capsule per dose, for the duration of the cure.

Oral steroids have some side effects. During your treatment, you may feel some headaches and large stomach bloating. Your blood pressure may rise slightly in the first few days of treatment.

The oral steroid treatment is ideal for beginners, being reluctant to bites.

Become familiar with injectable steroids 

Injectable steroids are sold in either small bottles or as ampoules. They must be injected into the muscles, which requires knowing how to perform an intramuscular injection.

Among the best known we find :

The injectable form of steroids makes it possible to obtain results over a longer duration than the oral form. With injectable steroids, muscle gains are less dramatic, but better and more durable.

The second advantage of injectable steroids is that it passes directly into the muscle and not through the liver. Thus, the liver is not subject to any risk of injury.  

It is also possible to combine several esters during a cure, in order to obtain results that are both rapid and lasting.

Its main disadvantage is obviously that you have to be comfortable with injections and know how to practice them.

How to inject steroids?

To accomplish your steroid injection, under the best conditions, here is a fairly simple protocol:

  • Take a shower before handling the product .
  • Disinfect the injection area with a cotton swab soaked in 90 ° alcohol.
  • Disinfect with another cotton of alcohol, the rubber stopper of the vial containing the product.
  • Bring a syringe 22 or 23 gauge (best gauge for deep penetration, to the muscle).
  • Inject a little air into the syringe and insert this air into the vial. The supply of air will facilitate the setting of the oil-based product.
  • Aspirate the product with the syringe, according to the recommended amount by holding the vial upside down.
  • Remove air bubbles by tapping at the end of the needle.
  • Change the needle for injection into the muscle. Be careful, this new needle should not be handled with the fingers to keep 100% sterile side.
  • Using the second hand, stretch the skin of the area to be injected (gluteal, deltoid or quadriceps).
  • Prick the muscle deeply.

Apart from a first treatment that is often done in oral form, bodybuilding professionals will have the habit of starting with oral steroids to quickly get results and continue with injectables to consolidate gains and improve their quality.

Note, however, that some molecules will only appear in one form and not another.

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