Franco Columbu, an accomplished bodybuilder

Franco Columbu, an accomplished bodybuilder

Franco Columbu is probably one of the best-known bodybuilders on the planet.

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Even if some do not know his name, they have nevertheless been able to appreciate his monumental physics in hit movies such as Conan the Barbarian , Terminator or Running Man .

Faithful friend, ofArnold Schwarzenegger, Franco Columbu has also made a name for himself in several sports: boxing, powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting and bodybuilding.

A man with multiple sports :

Franco Columbu is a person full of energy, who likes to give himself thoroughly in everything he undertakes. Born in Italy, Sardinia, August 7, 1941, Franco Columbu enters the sport by the practice of boxing. Train regularly, Franco Columbu ends up getting the title of amateur boxing champion of Italy.

In 1965, his path crossed that of the young Arnold Schwarzenegger, in Munich during the first international competition, the Austrian Jr. Weightlifting Championship. From this meeting will be born a strong friendship between the two men, who will even find themselves competing together, later, on the same competitions. To preserve their friendship and not to alter the challenge of competitions, Franco and Arnold will never train together.

In 1969, the two friends will be asked by the illustrious father of Bodybuilding, Joe Weider to join him in California. Everyone leaves their respective countries to turn to the American continent. Arrived in America, Joe Weider will sponsor the two young men, giving them a bonus of $ 80 a week. This bonus being too fair to live, Franco and Arnold decided to create their first brickyard company called European Brick Works.

America also represents Franco Columbu’s entry into powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting and bodybuilding where he will excel in every discipline.

He will participate in many competitions in weightlifting.

Since 1969, powerlifting, Franco Columbu is considered the strongest man in the world , due to his outstanding performance in his participation in the contest for “the strongest man”. We see him lifting various vehicles.   

At the level of Bodybuilding, he won many titles.

His palmares :

  • 4th M. Europe IFBB 1966
  • 2nd Mr. Univers NABBA 1968, small category, and 1st prize of the most muscular
  • 1st M. Europe IFBB 1969
  • 2nd World IFBB World 1969, small category
  • 1st M. Univers NABBA 1969, small category and any category,
    and price of the most muscular
  • 1st M. Universe IFBB 1969, small category and all categories
  • 1st M. Europe IFBB 1970, small size category and any category
  • 2nd M. Univers NABBA 1970, small category
  • 1st M. Universe IFBB 1970, small category and any category
  • 1st Mr. World AUU 1970, category small size and any category
  • 1st Mr. World IFBB 1970, small category and any category
  • 1st Mr. World IFBB 1971
  • 5ème Mr. Olympia 1972,
  • 1st Mr. Olympia 1973, in light weight and 2nd in the big ranking
  • 1st Mr. Olympia 1975, in light weight
  • 1st Mr. Olympia 1976, in light weight and any category
  • 1st Mr. Olympia 1981, in light weight and any category

His physique at the service of cinema :

Outside competitions and trainings, F ranco Columbu willingly lends his physique to the well-defined muscles, for the big screen. Franco Columbu then draws a real career in the cinema. We can see it in the following movies:

  • 1976 Stay Hungry
  • 1977 Pumping Iron
  • 1980 The Hustler of Muscle Beach
  • 1980 The Comeback
  • 1982 Conan The Barbarian
  • 1984 The Terminator Future

  • 1984 Getting Physical
  • 1986 Don Rickles: Rickles on the Loose
  • 1987 The Running Man
  • 1987 Last Man Standing
  • 1988 Big Top Pee-wee
  • 1993 Il ritmo del silenzio
  • 1994 Beretta’s Island Franco Armando Beretta
  • 1995 Taken Alive
  • 1997 Double cross on Costa’s Island
  • 1998 Hollywood Salutes Arnold Schwarzenegger: A Cinematheque Tribute
  • 2002 Raw Iron: The Making of Pumping Iron
  • 2003 Ancient Warriors
  • 2008 Why we Train
  • 2010 Muscle Beach then and Now
  • 2011 Dreamland La Terra dei Sogni

Franco Columbu also shot a lot of commercials.

A busy life after her bodybuilder career :

After being a boxer and bodybuilder, screenwriter, actor and writer, Columbu continues to fill his life with projects. Today, he is a qualified chiropractor , giving training tips on his official website or directly by phone. He designs various training concepts to help the average American lose his love handles or reduce the volume of his stomach.

Franco Columbu was small compared to his opponents in Bodybuilding. He was only 1m65 . But by transferring his boxing abilities to Bodybuilding, he managed to win and become one of the essential bodybuilders of the 1970s, returning to the legend of the discipline.


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  1. C'est grâce au film Conan le barbare que j'ai commencé à aimer la musculation. Maintenant mes fils ont comme passion le bodybuilding. Et un d'entre eux en vit. Merci Franc et Arnold !!!!

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