Dossier: Street-Workout (Callisthenics)

Dossier: Street-Workout (Callisthenics)

It is always good to do regular workouts. This  keeps your body fit and healthy, and allows you to drain off the daily stress.


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Whether it is in the morning or in the evening, exercises and workouts help to keep you fit and healthy.  We will explain about the street workout (calisthenics) and how it can benefit you.


Street Workout


 What is the street workout (street Bodybuilding)?

It is a type of physical exercise consisting of activities that are done mainly outdoors, both in parks or other public facilities. It’s a good kind of workout that has some great advantages compared to gyms and exercises in room.

You can combine different kinds of exercises for this workout. A combination of athleticism, sports and gymnastics make this workout very intense and beneficial for athletes.

This type of training has become very popular these days and you will see more and more videos of the young generation who practice it.  This does not require costly investments in equipment and promotes a fit and strong body as well as socialization and a healthy lifestyle.

Some of the popular exercises performed in the Street Workout (calisthenics) are:

  • Pumps
  • Tractions
  • Ab work
  • Rear pumps
  • Muscle-ups
  • Squats
  • Various sit-ups.

Like the Lafay method, calisthenics session consists of exercises performed using mainly body weight. The main objective of calisthenics is to improve muscle strength and have a natural shape.


History of street workout (Street Gym)

The word “Calisthenics” is derived from the ancient Greek word “kallos”. This means strength and beauty.

It is an art that is performed by using your own body weight to develop your body and get in shape. According to legends, it is reported that this workout was named after Callisthenes who was a famous Greek historian. Some of Friedrich Ludwig Jahn disciples brought this version of exercises and workouts to the USA.

This Street Workout is considered a very beneficial training program for men and women to achieve a healthy lifestyle and  to havea body in great shape.


The benefits of calisthenics

An outdoor workout is always advantageous for the body and mind.  This will give you a lot of benefits if you do it regularly. The benefits of this training program are:




  • Outdoors – Exercising in the gym or in the house does not give you fresh air. With street workouts, you can breathe in fresh air and feel great!  It is essential for people to feel good and to have a body in great shape.


  • Bodyweight exercises – There is no need to buy equipment or gym machines to perform this workout. You’ll be able to do it using your own body weight. This training program is incredibly effective and you will be able to derive a lot of benefits.


  • Adding Variety – You can try different types of exercises in the street workout training program. You can do push-ups, sit-ups, push-ups, jumps, crunches, squats and many more other varieties of workouts. This makes the training more interesting and you will not experience boredom while performing these exercises regularly.


  • Improving physical health of your body – Without a doubt, this training program will help you improve your body weight but also to have good physical health.  Calisthenics can help you have a beautiful body in very good shape.  Every woman and every man should try to be in better shape.


  • Developing coordination – Without proper coordination of the various parts of your body, you cannot perform these exercises.  The best way is to perform exercises involving multiple body parts at once.  For example: the hands and legs are used together for pumps. This gradually increases coordination and benefits the central nervous system.


  • Improves flexibility – Most exercises performed with body weight can help building strength and improving flexibility of the body.  Calisthenics help to greatly improve the flexibility of a person.


  • Fat loss – Many people exercise in order to lose some body fat. If that is your goal, then calisthenics is a great solution for you. It will help you to lose the fat from your body efficiently with high-intensity workouts. They can be practiced safely.


  • Increasing muscles and tone – Through different types of street workout exercises (calisthenics), you can build muscle mass while losing fat. This will help you stay toned giving you an athlete’s body.


  • No risk for the joints – Since you do not have to lift light weights, this workout program is quite safe. There is no risk to your joints and you can practice it without fear.

girl workout



When people start losing weight and fat or gaining muscle, they tend to prefer the gym. But a natural workout program without the use of machinery or equipment is much better than other forms of exercise.

That’s why, these days, people opt for street workout programs (calisthenics) rather than going to the gym.  It’s not at all boring and you can have fun while doing this workout. In addition, you do not need to pay anything or buy equipment to do it.

The Street-Workout will help you improve your body weight, flexibility, endurance and strength. You can do these exercises at any time and anywhere, without the use of weights or machines to perform the exercises. Calisthenics is a simple form of exercise that helps your body to have a grow naturally and healthy. It will even help you improve your mindset and release pressure or stress. This will also help you to build confidence in yourself.

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