Doping and Endurance

Doping and Endurance

Endurance is an attribute expected by many athletes and because time is our most precious commodity, athletes highly value fast muscle and endurance gains. Anabolic steroids increase the production of proteins and reduce recovery time.


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enduranceEndurance.  An attribute expected by many athletes. It is now within the reach of those who are curious about doping substances, which, when used intelligently, enable results greatly exceeding any expectations.

Whether for jogging, tennis, cycling or any other sport seeking extreme and long physical efforts, several laboratories have teamed up to create molecules that have the property to push the body to gain endurance and tire less quickly.

Whatever the athlete requires endurance, performance, or rapid loss of body fat with equally rapid gain of muscle mass, a whole range of doping products are within the reach of all.

There are obviously different sports and different athletes. Because time is money and competition is fierce, so many athletes require rapid muscle and endurance gains. Some experiments have proven that we could achieve effects that would usually be obtained in several months or even years, in just a few days. Some sports results leave no doubt of the performance gained through steroids and particularly thanks to AICAR.

Bodybuilding is definitely the sport where the effects of steroids are the most strikingly visible. These athletes from their beginning in the world of bodybuilding, learn to test and recognize the effectiveness of different steroids to achieve muscle performance and spectacular endurance. Over time, they learn to create their own mix of different steroids that reward with certain effects. They become their own coach and their experiences merge with the school in professional circles. Their appearance is the signature of different molecules, which cleverly mixed, help to achieve the desired curves. However, in this extreme sport, to keep a well-sculpted body, one must still take steroids in continuity. In some cases every day.

bikeWe must first learn which steroids to use on the first cycle and build from there in order to experience the maximum benefits. If athletes feel obliged to take injections, laboratories have been able to market natural products as effective and with fewer side effects. However before starting to take steroids we must know each of them and especially understand their use in order to avoid unnecessary accidents. Each molecule is specific and each is used for a targeted effect. It’s not recommended to just use the most efficient from the start because we must first test and test again, using the most recommended products while learning what our body reacts to, before heading to molecules with more explosive effects.

From a physiological point of view, anabolic steroids act on the muscle in at least two ways. First, they increase the production of proteins; secondly, they reduce the recovery time by blocking the effects of cortisol on muscle tissue, so that catabolism of muscle is greatly reduced. This reduction is due to the fact that steroids inhibit the action of other hormones promoting muscle breakdown.

It is useful to know some steroids names to know what to use first, because they all have peculiarities of their own such as Winstrol  which is used by bodybuilders primarily in slimming cycles to dramatically reduce water retention and fat. This is a moderate and low androgen anabolic steroid. Boldenone, is a steroid recommended for beginners. Its actions are not spectacular but it provides a curved and permanently acquired muscles. It does take some time to reach the desired effects. Boldenone has no known significant side effects. Its purpose is to help develop less mass with good density and low water retention.

The list is long and it is in the interest of the one wanting to experience these amazing performance enhancers, to spend time educating themselves. Anyone looking to dope is primarily a person who plans to make the competition into a competition that exceeds the natural limits of his own body.  The power provided by anabolics is undeniable.  For example the cyclist Lance Armstrong who, less than two years after extreme chemotherapy, won the Tour de France. More than victory is a message of hope. These exploits, even though everyone knows that they have been achieved using EPO, still leaves a positive message regarding the phenomenal capabilities of endurance and healing obtained. If the sport is a necessary stepping stone recognize some beneficial effects of steroids in the medical world, we must learn to be curious and less accusatory regarding the science of hormones.

Testosterone is the cornerstone of muscle building.  This is a male hormone, which if found in greater numbers in the body is sometimes converted into estrogen.  This phenomenon can cause gynecomastia.  In the world of bodybuilding it is called aromatisation.  This is one of the most widespread phenomena among beginners.  Some injectables are known to cause this side effect.  That is why it is necessary to always learn about them.  It is always appropriate to spend time reading about these compounds, because new products come out continuously in the markets.

It is more difficult today, at first glance to recognize or if an athlete has doped or not. Whether in athletics, tennis or cycling, with improved sports science and advanced training techniques,  it is harder to detect if athletes are natural based on muscle improvements and performance alone.   Times change and sports performance does too. Previously the sport was free from corporate interests, today, many are getting rich off the ability of athletes to draw huge crowds.  Sponsors are the main payers, so athletes are under pressure to constantly achieve success and never fail.  The body has its limits and the passing of time is never favorable, so there is no alternative but to keep progressing at any price.  Injuries caused by intense muscle exertion require athletes to rest and recover over a certain period of time.  If by any chance there the injury is serious, healing can sometimes be very long. Today is the perfect time to know your body, its needs and its abilities, to help choose the right molecule and get rid of all the negative effects of regular sports training.  It is hoped that scientific advances sufficiently to be able to create the miracle pill that will help everyone recover from his or her efforts rather easily. But it is also hoped that some products will be researched further by major laboratories in order to be made available in pharmacies to help those who want to experience the benefits.

Performance enhancing drugs have had bad press for years and are often treated as cheating by national and international regulating federations.  They view doping as a serious offense only to be treated by sanctioning and excluding the athlete.

It can not be otherwise.  After all, sport is an overcharging of the self physically and mentally with all the loyalty that the athlete has to his body, his discipline and his supporters.  Only the times are changing and it is necessary to adapt. Today, no sport has been free of doping scandals.  It would be interesting to ask the question:  If doping is everywhere, would it not also be the cause of a time when sponsors and their financial windfall push athletes to their limits required to provide a result to the trademark image?

Every era has its standards. Today it would be better to let the research provide sports the opportunity to move forward by raising all possible challenges and to update all scientific products without having to hide themselves, or fear hypocrisies of organized sports federations and nations.

For it is this hypocrisy that pushes all laboratories into a war without mercy, where secrecy and fraud leads to develop some innovations that are left for no time for forensic analysis nor product traceability. This has effectively reduced professional athletes to laboratory rats.

Whatever judgment one might have about doping, whether one is for or against, it does not remove the fact that the dramatic results demonstrated by some athletes are proof of the actual effects of certain molecules.

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