Peptides Blends - Biosynergy

After several years of Research & Development, Lifetech Labs is launching a unique product concept: a new innovative range of 7 products that combines both Biology and Synergy: Biosynergy. Developed in a scientific Hi-Tech environment, Biosynergy products combined with adapted nutrition and training will provide optimum results. Other highlight of the concept is the extreme simplicity of product usage with package and recommended dosage elaborated for the greatest users comfort. Peptides are the new generation of the product. Simply put, these are sequences of amino acid hormones.

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  • Body Lean by Lifetech-Labs is the best peptides Blend for the lean mass gain. HGH FRAGMENT 176-191 is the best peptide for fat loss, and muscle definition. CJC-1295 is the best peptide to increase lean mass. Laboratory : Lifetech-Labs, Form : subcutaneous injection, Molecule : HGH FRAG 176-191 + CJC-1295, Concentration : 2.1mg/vial, Presentation : 10 Vials of…