magnus pharmaMagnus Pharmaceuticals is an innovative European brand that is increasingly demanded by our customers.

The Magnus product line is very complete: more than 40 high quality products among which injectable steroids, oral steroids, protections, SARM’s, Pro-Hormones … but also very interesting product mixes.

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  • T3 Cytomel Liothyronine Sodium can be your best ally in the battle against overweight and, at the same time, it can help you gain more muscle mass than ever, while it has virtually the same effect as Clenbuterol for athletes and bodybuilders.  

  • A peptide used in the muscular development, the PEG-MGF Magnus has the capacity to make muscles grow and also to improve tissue damage by activating the muscle stem cells and developing the control in place of protein synthesis. This unique capability quickly improves recovery and accelerates muscle growth. Laboratory : Magnus, Form: Subcutaneous injection, Molecule…

  • IGF-1 DES Magnus 1 vial of 1mg

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    Save: 12.00$ (26.7%)

    This peptide is a powerful injectable remedy with regenerative and cell growth properties. Highly used in bodybuilding, it is often associated with steroids for explosive growth. Laboratory: Magnus Pharmaceutical Active substance: IGF-DES Appearance: Freeze-dried white powder Presentation: 1mg / vial

  • Selank Magnus 1 vial of 5mg

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    Save: 9.00$ (20.5%)

    Laboratory: Magnus Pharmaceutical Active Ingredient: Nootropic Peptide Molecular formula: C33H57N11O9 Appearance: Freeze-dried white powder Improves cognitive abilities (memory, attention and mood), increases intellectual performance).

  • Epithalon Magnus 1 vial of 10mg

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    Tetra-synthesized peptide / Anti-aging peptide Epithalon will strengthen and revitalize the whole body as well as the immune system. Laboratory: Magnus Pharmacheutical Active Ingredient: Epithalon Presentation: 1 vial (10mg) Molecular formula: C14H122NO9 Appearance: Freeze-dried white powder

  • The ideal Peptide to increase muscle mass, GHRP-2 Magnus is a peptide that increases the secretion of growth hormone (GH) in the human body. Biopeptide GHRP-2 is often preferred by people who follow a diet because it does not stimulate hunger as Biopeptide GHRP-6 does. Laboratory : Magnus Form : Subcutaneous injection Molecule : GHRP-2…

  • The Proviron is a very powerful anti-estrogen. It prevents gynecomastia while decreasing water retention and fat, it allows the recovery of testosterone production in the testicles and prevents the aromatization of anabolic steroids. Laboratory : Magnus, Form : Oral, Molecule : Mesterolone, Concentration : 25mg/tab, Presentation : 50 Tabs, Recommended Dosage : 25mg/day

  • Ideal peptide for lean weight gain, the CJC-1295 DAC Magnus can be combined very easily with other peptides. The only difference between CJC-1295 and CJC-1295 DAC is the half-life of the peptide. CJC-1295 has a half-life of only 30 minutes against approximately 8 hours for CJC-1295 with DAC. This peptide is in the class of…

  • Testosterone Cypionate 250 Magnus 10ml

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    Save: 7.00$ (14.9%)

    Testosterone cypionate produces a strength gain and a very rapid weight gain, but with a significant water retention and gynecomastia. Your coverage and your raise will be hence very important. The effects and properties of Testosterone cypionate are identical in all respects to those of Testosterone enanthate. The difference is that the ester of cypionate is…

  • An ideal peptide for an anti-aging treatment, the Ipamorelin from Magnus is a pentapeptide composed of five amino acids.  It causes a significant growth hormone emission. It is what is called a secretagogue peptide. Laboratory : Magnus Form : Subcutaneous injection Molecule : Ipamorelin Concentration : 5 mg/vial Presentation : Vials of 5 mg Recommended Dosage…

  • Hexarelin is the most powerful of all GHRPs. The structure of the amino acid is that of a hexapeptide known to promote the release of growth hormone (GH). This Magnus Pharmaceuticals peptide is ideally suited if the goal is muscle growth and strength. Manufacturer: Magnus Pharmaceuticals Substance: hexarelin Presentation: 1 bottle (10 mg)

  • Anti Estrogen Anastrazol – Magnus – 1mg x 30tab

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    Save: 9.00$ (16.7%)

    Weightlifters use Arimidex to reduce the effects of anabolic androgenic steroids which often interact with estrogen and lead to gynecomastia (enlarged breasts in men). Laboratory : Magnus Form : Oral Molecule : Anastrozole Concentration : 1mg/tabs Presentation : 30 Tabs Recommended Dosage : 1mg/day

  • DSIP – Magnus – vial of 5mg

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    Save: 8.00$ (15.1%)

    Laboratory: Magnus Pharmaceutical Molecular formula: C35H48N10O15 Presentation: 5mg / vial Appearance: Freeze-dried white powder This peptide is a powerful injectable remedy with regenerative and cell growth properties. Highly used in bodybuilding, it is often associated with steroids for explosive growth.

  • Ideal peptide for tanning and libido, the Melanotan 2 Magnus is a peptide that allows users to get a tanned appearance of the skin without exposing themselves to potentially harmful UV rays. Melanotan 2 increases libido and can cause spontaneous erections. Laboratory : Magnus, Form : Subcutaneous injection, Molecule : Melanotan 2, Concentration : 10mg/vial,…

  • Nandro F – Magnus – 100mg/ml – Vial of 10ml

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    Nandrolone is the molecule of Deca-Durabolin known to be a very anabolic and highly androgenic steroid. Deca-Durabolin enables an important mass and strength gain accompanied by a slight fat loss. Its use is optimal in stack with Sustanon. Laboratory : Magnus, Form : Injection, Molecule : Nandrolone Phenylpropionate, Concentration : 100mg/ml, Presentation : 1 Vial of 10ml,…

  • BPC 157 Magnus 1 vial of 10mg

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    Laboratory: Magnus Pharmaceutical Active ingredient: BPC-157 (BPC157) Conditioning: 1 Vial (10mg) Molecular formula: C62H98N16O22 Appearance: Freeze-dried white powder