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  • An ideal treatment of 8 weeks to get a voluminous mass gain. Sustanon and Deca for an outstanding quality. Pack designed, tested and approved by the experts team of!

  • Trenbolone is the most powerful steroid used by bodybuilders today, it is both strongly androgenic and anabolic. It is chemically incapable of aromatizing. Laboratory: Swiss Remedies, Form: Injection, Molecule: Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate, Concentration: 76.5mg / ml, Presentation: 10 ampoules of 1ml, Recommended dosage: 150-600mg / week

  • The Sustanon 250 Magnus is a very good quality Testosterone Mix, an anabolic steroid for mass gain.

  • Ideal Peptide for cell regeneration, the TB-500 Biopeptide by Lifetech-Labs is also known as thymosin beta 4. It plays an important role in the protection, regeneration and remodeling of injured or damaged tissue. TB-500's gene has been also identified as one of the first to respond after an injury. Laboratory : Lifetech-Labs, Form : Subcutaneous…

  • In spite of the fact that many consider cardarine (GW 501516) to be a SARM, it is technically a PPAR-delta agonist (peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors). In fact, it is usually sold as a SARM, just like a tomato being a fruit is always sold as a vegetable. Cardarine was developed for health benefits, and it works by activating…

  • Studies done in several universities in the West have shown that TRIBULUS TERRESTRIS can be beneficial for those who have problems with hormone imbalance. Within just a few days of regular consumption their hormone levels were able to go back to normal. This could be the effect that reduces the symptoms of menopause. Product name:…

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