hGH Serum Test 2017 Lifetech Labs is giving you the exclusive opportunity to test the authenticity and quality of Biotropin ...
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The Tribulus Terrestris

Today we propose to learn more about the major medicinal properties of Tribulus terrestris in the traditional and sports medicine. Tribulus ...
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Incredible: Photos of a 250 kg of Steroids Delivery

Regularly, we answer your questions about our ability to send orders within 72 hours anywhere in the world and the truth of our ...
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Thaiger-Pharma available again in 2016

We are pleased to announce that  Thaiger-Pharma will be back on the market in 2016 Thaiger Pharma, the famous Thai laboratory ...
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The Importance of the Liver in Sports

Estimated reading time : Introduction In the upper right quadrant of the abdominal cavity, there is a large red mass which ...
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Doping and Endurance

Estimated reading time: Endurance.  A windfall expected by many athletes. It is now within the reach of those who inquire properly ...
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futur of doping

What is the future of doping?

Estimated reading time : Every human being has limitations, yet they have existed for decades, and « doping» has been there in order ...
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The History of Bodybuilding

Estimated reading time :  According to Professor of Psychology, Albert Mehrabian, Only 7% of our communication is verbal,  38% para-verbal and ...
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How to get pass a phase of stagnation?

Estimated reading time : Your muscles are not growing? Your performance does not progress at all? daily motivation decreases day ...
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The Role of Hormones in Romantic Relationships

Estimated reading time : Love at first sight, the passion of love: we often speak of a mysterious chemistry that ...
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Bodybuilding in the Cinema

Estimated reading time :  We all have seen a film performed by Arnold Schwarzenegger, good or bad. How not to be sensitive to ...
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How to make injections?

Estimated reading time :  Many of you hesitate on the transition between oral and injectable treatments because of a recurring question: ...
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cross fit cover


Estimated reading time : Have you heard about these athletes who train hard in the so-called "box"? If you go visit ...
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3 Key Factors for a Successful Mass Gain

Estimated reading time : The muscular system counting 656 muscles, is the least complex system of our anatomy. It consists of two ...
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Vitamin D from A to Z

Estimated reading time : What is vitamin D? Vitamin D is actually a family of vitamins, which consists of vitamin D2, ...
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Inhibiting Myostatin

Estimated reading time : Surpassing yourself, reaching your limits are the strings driving all the warriors. Surpassing your limits belong to the register of exploitation which is ...
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Why Doping is still a Taboo?

Estimated reading time : A taboo... Obviously, the simple fact of writing or saying the word « DOPING » seems to disturb all ...
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Choosing your music playlist for sports

Estimated reading time : How the brain perceives music and interprets it? When the brain perceives music, even very simple, a ...
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peptides doping revolution

Peptides, the new doping?

Estimated reading time : Historically, the man has tried to improve physical performance, to excel. Doping in the athlete is the ...
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Insulin in Bodybuilding

Estimated reading time : Insulin is a protein secreted by the pancreas which acts on the liver to stimulate the formation of ...
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Thyroid Hormones, they tell you everything!

Estimated reading time : Historical references to what is known to us as the thyroid gland today has its roots in ...
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Understanding HGH Human Growth Hormone

Estimated reading time : What is HGH? The growth hormone  is a polypeptide hormone secreted by the somatotrophs of the anterior pituitary gland. It ...
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cover olympia quality

Mister Olympia

Estimated reading time: Mister Olympia is one of the most popular international bodybuilding competitions. It is organized annually by the ...
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coullisse tv dopage

When Athletes Doped for a TV Report

Estimated reading time : Sports friends from France and other French speaking countries, you have certainly not missed this story on France ...
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testo cover super-steroid

7 Chapters to Learn All About Testosterone

Estimated reading time : Testosterone is a type of hormone that is produced in large quantities in men. It contributes to ...
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complément alimentaires musculation

11 Essential Nutritional Supplements for Sports

Estimated reading time : Here's a question that often comes back : « What dietary supplements should I take with my ...
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dossier street workout

Dossier: Street-Workout (Callisthenics)

Estimated reading time: It is always good to do regular workouts. This helps you keeping your body fit and healthy, ...
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All About Recovery – PCT

Estimated reading time : After an anabolic steroid treatment, it is essential to get your HPTA (hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular axis) back to normal. In simple language, this ...
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body-building-diet-plan- super steroid

The Importance of a Diet in Bodybuilding

Estimated reading time:  Eliminating unnecessary fat to build muscle is the key to a successful bodybuilding and training. The success ...
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Are women attracted to bodybuilders?

Estimated reading time : The law of attraction is definitely a touchy subject. What could be attractive to a person, ...
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Top 5 Most Popular Anabolic Steroids

Estimated reading time : When we think of a steroid, some well known names come directly to our minds. One ...
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gynecomastie avant apres super-steroid

How to Treat Gynecomastia

Estimated reading time : You may have heard of "man boobs" or "bitch tits", which is actually a symptom that ...
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