The best products for lean muscle gains in 2019

The best products for lean muscle gains in 2019

You see lots of people training in the gym and trying to build muscle, panting and sweating every day almost, only to see those painful efforts unable to turn their dream into reality. It seems that whatever routines, whatever plans and the like are almost useless- a total waste of time, efforts and money.

The worst of all though is that many who do put on muscle are not granted with lean muscle: a good percentage of the extra weight is made of fat deposits, which reflect cruelly in the mirror …



So, when these trainees finally get illuminated by the idea that supplements may make the true difference, they quickly all come to the same conclusion – there are only 2 possibilities: to go the natural way, by using natural supplements (which means however slow gains) or go on the fast lane and take anabolic steroids.

Now, before explaining which anabolic steroids are the best for lean muscle gains (we focus on anabolic supplements only in this article), let’s see what training and dieting principles are ideal to preparing the right foundation for the anabolic steroids to express the best of their features.

Training and dieting principles for lean muscle gains

Training and dieting the proper way, whichever program out of the many available that one choses to follow, is normally important for about every possible sport discipline and fitness activity. But if you want to acquire lean muscle mass only (or almost only, and we will see why we say ‘almost’ in a moment …), then proper training and dieting will be of PARAMOUNT importance.

It doesn’t matter really at all if you supplement with only products that have the highest potential of making you the next Mr. Olympia: you won’t be at all a muscleman if your diet and your training are less than excellent.

Dieting and nutrition

3 main principles apply for lean muscle gains:

  • Maximize proteins: try to ingest 40-60 grams of protein and 40-80 grams of carbs, depending on your size. Carbohydrates are the traditional key to gaining weight in order to bulk out and add muscle, but this works best for hardgainers, young adults with a high metabolism rate or just to build mass, not lean mass. What is needed in order to gain only the leanest muscular mass possible in the bulking phase is to implement a higher than normal amount of proteins – these are the building blocks of your muscular mass. The key to bulking out is to eat just enough to aid the muscle gaining process rather than the fat storing process. It is also important to make sure that fat is kept as low as possible- but ‘healthy’ fats, such as nuts, olive oil and fish fat are necessary and useful for lean muscle mass gains.
  • Keep food portions under control: to prevent unwanted weight loss or weight gain, this is a must. Overeating, for example, will simply make your body fat deposits skyrocket ,and these deposits are really the hardest to get rid of – you want to maximize your training time and efforts to build lean muscles, not to struggle for reducing fat deposits you have accumulated unreasonably!
  • Be precise with food ingestion timing: this plays an essential role when gaining lean muscle. Because our body needs nutrients the most at breakfast and after a workout. To meet the needs at these times, you must eat properly at these ‘right’ times. This will allow the body to use up all the calories and nutrients ingested and thus body fat levels will stay down.


For a start, increase the frequency of your training schedules and routines. It’s easy to maintain the muscle that you already have by continuing to hit the gym at your usual rate. But when looking to increase lean muscle size, you must increase the frequency of your training sessions. For example: if you currently go to the gym twice a week consider going 3 or 4 times instead. When increasing the number of times per week, it is likely that the duration of time you spend training will decrease a little (per session). The resulting increase in total time however will help you to pack on more lean muscle mass.

The best anabolic steroid products for lean muscle gains

As said, anabolic steroids will bring to your lean mass building that additional ‘push’ which will make the fundamental difference between a muscular body and an amazing physique that can go all the way to professional worldwide contests.

It’s up to you … well, not quite … because it’s not just up to what explained before in this article – that you adopt programs of proper diet, nutrition and training. No, it depends also on you deciding to implement anabolic steroids, if you want to have the famous ‘winning edge’.
But this winning edge doesn’t come just by implementing any anabolic steroids, such as those under-dosed, fake and dangerous products coming from unreliable, unknown, unrated and dishonest manufacturers / suppliers that fill the online market nowadays.

You need reliable, tested, first class, effective and safe suppliers and steroids – if you want the results you need and no dangerous side effects.

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