7 Chapters to Learn All About Testosterone

7 Chapters to Learn All About Testosterone

Testosterone is a type of hormone that is produced in large quantities in men. It contributes to the development of secondary sexual characteristics as well as such as muscle and strength.


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Testosterone is mainly secreted in the testicles. Women also secrete it but in a reduced amount. Most steroids are based on increasing testosterone levels to produce their anabolic effects.


History of Testosterone

In 1849, a German physiologist and zoologist, Arnold Adolph Berthold, found that testicular functions are related to blood flow.


It is nowadays known as the family of androgen hormones. Back in 1889, Charles Edouard Brown Sequard, a Harvard professor, injected himself with a rejuvenating elixir extracted from a pig and a dog from Guinea.

He reported that his energy and his feelings have been restored. He also admitted that he had already injected this elixir 10 times. This gave him a lot of energy and could work standing for hours in a row. This test also showed that the strength of his arms had significantly increased compared to the strength he had before. Unfortunately he was forced to stop the study after enduring the mockery of his colleagues.

A lot of research has been done after that of Séquard to discover the true “elixir of life”.  In 1939, the Nobel Prize for this study was shared between Leopold Ruzicka and Adolf Friedrich Johann Butenandt.  Both winners were the first to discover the method of synthesis of testosterone from cholesterol.

In 1958, health experts and doctors began injecting sick people with testosterone.  They found that this allowed these patients to regain some weight and strength.  In 1967, the International Olympic Committee decided to ban the use of testosterone and other substances that improve performance during competitions.

In 1970, a new oral version of testosterone called “Undecanoate” was discovered and mass produced.

In 1988, the use of steroids for non-medical purposes was banned in the United States.

From the year 2000, a standard delivery method was introduced in the United States known as transdermal testosterone gel.


What is Testosterone?

Testosterone is a steroid hormone that is found in humans as well as animals. This hormone is produced mainly in men’s testicles. However, it can also be found in the ovaries in women, but in very small quantities.

During puberty, testosterone production begins to increase significantly, but production decreases at the age of 30 or 35 years. It is the male sex hormone that as imptestosterone chalkboardortant to and sexual development. It is involved in the development of sexual characteristics during puberty, such as vocal changes and the appearance of hair on the face and on the body.

This hormone plays a very important role in regulating sperm production, fat distribution, maintenance of muscle strength and the production of red blood cells (RBC). Testosterone levels can also determine or affect the mood of a man.

The decrease in testosterone can contribute to mood change, loss of muscle mass and weight loss. It is sometimes used for medical purposes. For example: It is used to treat cardiovascular diseases, cancer and other health problems. Even athletes inject synthetic or artificial testosterone to gain strength and increase performance.


How Does Testosterone Work

There are two main mechanisms underlying the effect of testosterone in animals and humans that are – the activation of the androgen receptor and conversion to estradiol, and the creation of certain estrogen receptors. Testosterone, once synthesized, begins to be secreted in the blood. It is then transported to the target cells of the genitals or male reproductive organs.

The majority of this testosterone is transported in a particular plasma protein called SHBG or Globulin of Sexual Hormone Binding.

The rest of the testosterone is called free testosterone that can be converted to dihydrotestosterone or DHT.  Testosterone and DHT can both join the androgen receptor.  Dihydrotestosterone or DHT joins this receptor with a greater resemblance than the unbound testosterone.

Once it is linked to the androgen receptor, testosterone or dihydrotestosterone forms a complex undergoing some structural changes. Then this complex moves in the cell nucleus. After that, it binds to DNA nucleotide sequences that are referred to as response elements hormones.

The binding of these complexes to the elements brings some big changes when it comes to transcription of different proteins that are mediated by specific genes. These genes produce androgenic effects on cells.


In humans, the two most affected tissues by testosterone are the brain and bones.

LH (luteinizing hormone) and FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) are secreted by the pituitary gland.   

 These two hormones regulate the total number of Leydig cells and their secretion of testosterone.The mechanism is quite complicated, but it is very important for the growth and overall development of the human body, particularly the male body.


Testosterone in Medical Practice

Testosterone is widely used in medicine to cure many human diseases. It is very familiar since it is a steroid hormone that plays a positive role in the male and female body. Testosterone injections are now available to treat certain conditions related to delayed puberty, hormonal imbalance, or even impotence. They are especially used by men.

In some cases, these injections are also used by women to treat breast cancer that has probably spread to other parts of the body. The testosterone injection is not recommended in cases of cancer in the prostate, pregnancy, or heart disease in advanced stages, kidney problems or hepatitis.


Many drugs, these days, contain testosterone, but these drugs should not be taken without prior consultation of a specialist or permission from a doctor. Before prescribing testosterone, your doctor should be informed if you have any history of heart diseases, breast cancer or diabetes.

Testosterone is directly injected into the muscle.

To get optimal results, it is recommended to inject 2-4 times a week.

It is also used to maintain the ideal rate of testosterone in the body. It contributes to the stimulation of bone marrow, appetite; and also helps in reversing the effects of anemia in people with this disease.

Testosterone is also used as mono-therapy to treat minor depression and as augmentation therapy to deal with major problems of depression in middle-aged people who have low testosterone levels. Low testosterone levels can be associated with Alzheimer’s disease as well as its development.

Treatment with testosterone can improve the health of a person with type 2 diabetes.

In 2005, a trial was launched to show that a mixed solution of testosterone can be used to fight against the potential signs of aging.


In women, testosterone supplements are used to adjust the disorder of sexual desire. Having a too low testosterone rate is not good for the health of both men and women. This is the reason why doctors and medical personnel sometimes recommend the use of testosterone.


Using Testosterone in a TRT

With a TRT (or Testosterone Replacement Therapy), energy, mood, and even libido in men with insufficient levels of testosterone are remarkably improved.

So if you suffer from low testosterone, why not replace it?

Therapy Testosterone replacement is proving to be an effective way to treat deficiency problems in testosterone levels.


Signs of too low testosterone levels

Libido problems, depression, irritability, erectile dysfunction, lack of energy, low sense of well being, decreased muscle mass; these are all signs of insufficient testosterone in the body. A simple blood test can increase the existing levels of testosterone in your body.

body transformation


This kind of treatment can be done in different ways. You can take it orally or via injection or gel. The choice depends entirely on the person.

This type of therapy with testosterone has many advantages. The level of your energy, the quality of erection and desire in sex will improve. This type of treatment also increases muscle mass, bone density and insulin sensitivity. It was reported that with the help of TRT, a significant improvement in the mood of people was noted.


The use of testosterone in the sports world

testo sportSince testosterone has become legendary due to its ability to provide extra energy and its power to boost mental stability, many people consider that it is advantageous to use it in sport.

However, using it during a competition is often illegal (doping).

It helps to gain muscle power and is an enormous force to accomplish great performance. The reason is that it’s an anabolic steroid that increases power and energy in an individual.

In sports, testosterone is considered like magic that can give athletes extra power to have better performance. It is ideal for bodybuilding, racing, cycling, combat sports, basketball, football, ice hockey, and for baseball players. All these sports require so much force, and the use of testosterone is the best way to increase it.

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Many athletes have used testosterone illegally before, but this habit has become a banality.

In order to get better results, many weight lifters use testosterone as anabolic steroid to gain more energy and power in their vigorous routine workouts. They need to build a strong body of muscle mass and none or very little fat.

Testosterone will help a lot in this case.


The various testosterone esters

There are various testosterone esters. They are in fact testosterone molecules with a carbon chain.

Test C Magnus

There are various esters such as enanthate,  cypionatepropionate and aquerous. All testosterone esters have more or less the same action after being released into the blood. There is a huge mechanism at work behind the logic of esters.  The most interesting is that the ester small chains weigh less than the longer ones. This is very important because the shorter ester chains come with faster benefits.

Testosterone is undoubtedly one of the most important hormones in both male and female bodies.



Maybe you suffer a little depression?  Fatigued after work?  This is caused by low testosterone and can be verified by your doctor with a simple test. With a quality testosterone therapy, you will be able to recover your mood to its normal level.  Your energy and strength will come back to you.

Even weightlifters use it to gain more energy and strength to perform better. No doubt, this is the most essential hormone in the body.

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