The best Anavar on the anabolic market in 2019

What Is Anavar?

Anavar, also known as Oxandrolone, is one of the top choices by those users who are in a cutting phase, due to its ability to prevent catabolism while the user is on a calorie deficit eating program. It has an anabolic strength which is six times that of testosterone, though at the same time producing lower androgenic effects.

Anavar is the ideal anabolic steroid if you are a beginner and is also a favorite among women because of its very low significant side effects – though high dosages may entail some degree of masculinization for female users. It is also recommended for great strength gains and lean muscle gains.


What Benefits Can You Expect From Using Anavar?

The main positive effects and benefits that a user can experiment by implementing Anavar include, but are not limited to:

  • Significant degree of nitrogen retention, which guarantees maintenance of your muscle mass
  • Accelerated strength output
  • Enhanced assimilation of nutrients from the foods you consume
  • Higher oxygen uptake capacity
  • Swift and enhanced recovery
  • Greater anabolic capacity, which favors a potential muscle growth)
  • Greater potential of elimination of your fat deposits
  • Much improved muscular dryness


Dosages and Cycles of Anavar

In general, Anavar cycles will be implemented anywhere between 6 and 8 weeks, but for first time users it is recommended to implement it for 6 weeks so to check your individual tolerance levels.

The typical, general dosages are as follows:

  • 30 – 40 mg per day for beginners
  • 50 – 60 mg per day for intermediate level users
  • 70 – 80 mg per day for advanced users
  • 5 – 15 mg per day for female users.

It is important to run an appropriate post cycle therapy program (PCT)– using products like Nolvadex or Arimidex – at the end of Anavar’s usage period. This will ensure that the endogenous hormonal output levels return to normal.

For example, given that (as said) Anavar is a steroid with a mild nature, we can implement a couple of cycles in terms of methods: either the common ‘two weeks on, two weeks off’ cycle which applies to several other anabolic steroids, or we can implement it for six weeks and then get off it for three to four weeks, and then resuming the steroid’s implementation again.

Ultimately, what counts more is the dosage level you are administering: if you are implementing a light dose, for example, 10 or 20 mg a day, there won’t be much f a necessity in terms of following a Post Cycle Therapy, but if your dosage is like 40 mg or higher, then you will have to implement a proper PCT,  because you will definitely need to get your hormonal balance back and your chemicals in the right composition within your system.

Female users, lastly, will need to implement PCT regardless of what their usage, dosage and time of implementation of Anavar has been, given that their bodies are extremely sensitive to Anavar’s side effects.

The Most Common Side Effects of Anavar

Oxandrolone is definitely one of the friendliest anabolic steroids – it is one of the very few anabolic steroids that are very popular and welcome by female users, so much so that it’s been called “The Girl Steroid.” But don’t get misled: it is highly effective for men, women happen to love using it because of its low side effects (which occur only at high dosages, as we will explain later in this article).

Oxandrolone truly is one of the if not the friendliest anabolic steroid there is – let’s see the side effects that may occur in detail now…

Androgenic side effects are the most common, but their onset is due mainly to the individual user’s genetic predisposition to such negative effects: for example, acne, accelerated body hair growth and hair loss in men.

In terms instead of estrogenic side effects, the great thing about this anabolic steroid is simply that Oxandrolone does not infer any estrogenic related side effects. There is no aromatization process triggered by Anavar (that is, it does not convert to estrogen), which precludes the possibility that phenomena like water retention or gynecomastia -the onset and growth of mammary tissue in men – may occur.

But as it goes normally with any C17-aa anabolic steroid, Oxandrolone is toxic to the liver, even if this is one of the mildest C17-aa steroids on the whole market. It has been shown that therapeutic doses may not increase liver values significantly, but dosages related to performance will definitely increase your chances of a liver being affected by hepatotoxicity – however, an healthy liver and the appropriate dosages, as outlined before in this article, will determine no such negative side effect and, if affected by them, the liver should recover fairly quickly and without being damaged whatsoever.

Female users of this anabolic steroid will normally implement a dosage anywhere between 5 mg and 10 mg per day. Doses that are higher than a daily 20 mg implementation of this steroid will carry almost certainly some level of masculinization.

The Best Anavar Brands/Items on the Market

OxaGen MyoGen : Anavar Oxandrolone 10mg

OxaGen MyoGen : Anavar Oxandrolone 10mg

We have thoroughly tested all oxandrolone products available nowadays on the market according to several factors – especially the presence of products which have been or not manufactured according to the vital and severe GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines – which exist in order to ensure that all human grade products meet the minimum level criteria set forth for maximum safety and efficiency – and we have come to the following list of the most  popular and reputable manufacturers and items available for all users who need and want only the best:

  1. OxaGen 10mg de MyoGen are a leading product too and definitely one of the world’s most popular anabolic steroids today. Low androgenic activity, great lean muscle mass growth, swift fat burning features and effective muscle hardening. A top scorer.
  2. Cooper-Pharma provides lightweight strength and drying effects, which makes it a favorite for those women who practice bodybuilding and fitness
  3. Oxandrolone Eminence works well in the promotion of strength and quality muscle gains without any particular negative side effects

Best anavar in 2019

    Whichever one of the above you will choose, it will deliver tremendously effective results, and your fitness and / or bodybuilding goals will be definitely at your fingertips!

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